texlive-comment - Selectively include/excludes portions of text

Distribution: Fedora 23
Repository: Fedora i386
Package name: texlive-comment
Package version: svn32778.3.7
Package release: 14.fc23
Package architecture: noarch
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 9.44 KB
Download size: 29.87 KB
Official Mirror: dl.fedoraproject.org
Selectively include/exclude pieces of text, allowing the user to define new, separately controlled, comment versions. All text between \comment ... \endcomment or \begin{comment} ... \end{comment} is discarded. The opening and closing commands should appear on a line of their own. No starting spaces, nothing after it. This environment should work with arbitrary amounts of comment, and the comment can be arbitrary text. Other 'comment' environments are defined and selected/deselected with \includecomment{versiona} and \excludecoment{versionb} These environments are used as \versiona ... \endversiona or \begin{versiona} ... \end{versiona} with the opening and closing commands again on a line of their own. date: 2014-01-23 22:28:28 +0100


  • tex(comment.sty) = 2014
  • tex-comment = 2014
  • texlive-comment = svn32778.3.7-14.fc23

    Install Howto

    Install the texlive-comment rpm package:

    # dnf install texlive-comment


    • /usr/share/doc/texlive-comment/gpl.txt
    • /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/comment/comment.sty