aqemu - A QT graphical interface to QEMU and KVM

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 25
Repository Fedora i386
Package name aqemu
Package version 0.9.2
Package release 1.fc25
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size 4.60 MB
Download size 1.66 MB
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AQEMU is a graphical user interface to QEMU and KVM, written in Qt4. The
program has a user-friendly interface and allows user to set the
majority of QEMU and KVM options on their virtual machines.


Package Version Architecture Repository
aqemu-0.9.2-1.fc25.x86_64.rpm 0.9.2 x86_64 Fedora
aqemu - - -


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Name Value
application() -
application(aqemu.desktop) -
aqemu = 0.9.2-1.fc25
aqemu(x86-32) = 0.9.2-1.fc25


Type URL
Binary Package aqemu-0.9.2-1.fc25.i686.rpm
Source Package aqemu-0.9.2-1.fc25.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the aqemu rpm package:

# dnf install aqemu


/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/FreeBSD 4.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/FreeBSD 7.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/FreeBSD 8.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Linux 2.0.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Linux 2.4.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Linux 2.6 x86_64.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Linux 2.6.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/MacOS X x86.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows 2000.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows 7 x64.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows 7.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows 9X.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows Vista x64.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows Vista.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows XP x64.aqvmt
/usr/share/aqemu/os_templates/Windows XP.aqvmt


2016-06-02 - Stephen Gordon <> - 0.9.2-1
- Fixed bug that prevented AQEMU from closing when no VM was created yet
- Added frugalware icon
- Fixed aqemu icon name to match .desktop file
- Fixed incorrect information for raw images
- Removed artificial 6GB limit on VM memory size
- Show "Option ... not supported" errors that are wrongly sent to stdout by qemu
2016-05-31 - Stephen Gordon <> - 0.9.1-1
- 0.8.2 AQEMU settings and files get loaded correctly (If you want to go back to 0.8.2, make a backup)
- Embedded VNC client now can make use of the user defined VNC port number
- Error Log Window doesn't get shown for messages about deprecated options by default anymore
- The VM state is now getting reflected in the VM icon (Running, Paused, ...)
- Removed code to support qemu qemu-kvm fork, because it has been merged into qemu
- Many small UI improvements
- All new VMs are now created with the wizard, which generally gives better results
- Put all application wide settings in a single dialog
- Exchanged some deprecated qemu command line options with their new equivalents
- Fixed various bugs
- Reorganized/Restructured the main UI for more clarity
- Fixed bug that led to VMs not being terminated when closing the application
- New feature: Folder sharing
- New feature: Send clipboard as keys to the VM
- Fixed bug where SPICE dialog didn't validate correctly.
- Applied patches for Intel HDA and CS4231A sound suppport (thanks to Eli Carter and others!)
- Applied patch for fixing SPICE video stream compression support
- Applied patch that fixes typo
- Put QDom* TinyXML2 wrapper into its own namespace. Fixes runtime problems in conjunction with KDE.
- Ported to Qt5
- Ported to C++-11
- Applied downstream patches (Fedora)
2016-03-20 - Stephen Gordon <> - 0.8.2-18
- Use updated QEMU -spice parameters (bz#1268553)
2016-03-19 - Stephen Gordon <> - 0.8.2-17
- Apply changes for GCC 6 compatibility (bz#1307322)
2016-02-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-16
- Rebuilt for
2015-06-17 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-15
- Rebuilt for
2015-05-02 - Kalev Lember <> - 0.8.2-14
- Rebuilt for GCC 5 C++11 ABI change
2014-08-15 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-13
- Rebuilt for
2014-07-04 - Stephen Gordon <> - 0.8.2-12
- Apply changes for "-Werror=format-security" (bz#1036992)
2014-06-07 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-11
- Rebuilt for

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