archaius-core - Core library of archaius

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 25
Repository Fedora i386
Package name archaius-core
Package version 0.7.3
Package release 4.fc24
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 144.86 KB
Download size 132.35 KB
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Core library of archaius. This package provides the functionality to use system
properties, property files and JMX as configuration source.


Package Version Architecture Repository
archaius-core-0.7.3-4.fc24.noarch.rpm 0.7.3 noarch Fedora
archaius-core - - -


Name Value
java-headless -
jpackage-utils -
mvn(com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-annotations) -
mvn(com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-core) -
mvn(com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind) -
mvn( -
mvn( -
mvn(commons-configuration:commons-configuration) -
mvn(org.slf4j:slf4j-api) -


Name Value
archaius-core = 0.7.3-4.fc24
mvn( = 0.7.3


Type URL
Binary Package archaius-core-0.7.3-4.fc24.noarch.rpm
Source Package archaius-0.7.3-4.fc24.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the archaius-core rpm package:

# dnf install archaius-core




2016-02-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.7.3-4
- Rebuilt for
2015-12-03 - Roman Mohr <> - 0.7.3-3
- Remove empty file
2015-12-03 - Roman Mohr <> - 0.7.3-2
- Set correct runtime dependencies for subpackages
2015-12-03 - Roman Mohr <> - 0.7.3-1
- Use latest upstream
- Merge parent into subpackages
- Make sure no jar and class files are there
2015-12-02 - Roman Mohr <> - 0.7.1-3
- Add archaius-zookeeper package
2015-12-02 - Roman Mohr <> - 0.7.1-2
- Enable unit tests and generate javadoc
2015-11-04 - Roman Mohr <> - 0.7.1-1
- Initial packaging

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