bind-to-tinydns - Convert DNS zone files in BIND format to tinydns format

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Distribution Fedora 25
Repository Fedora i386
Package name bind-to-tinydns
Package version 0.4.3
Package release 17.20140818gitdf0ddc3.fc24
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size 34.11 KB
Download size 24.72 KB
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This is a program that parses zone files used by the BIND DNS server and
converts them to the native format of the tinydns component of Dan Bernstein's
djbdns DNS server.


Package Version Architecture Repository
bind-to-tinydns-0.4.3-17.20140818gitdf0ddc3.fc24.x86_64.rpm 0.4.3 x86_64 Fedora
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Name Value
bind-to-tinydns = 0.4.3-17.20140818gitdf0ddc3.fc24
bind-to-tinydns(x86-32) = 0.4.3-17.20140818gitdf0ddc3.fc24


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Binary Package bind-to-tinydns-0.4.3-17.20140818gitdf0ddc3.fc24.i686.rpm
Source Package bind-to-tinydns-0.4.3-17.20140818gitdf0ddc3.fc24.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the bind-to-tinydns rpm package:

# dnf install bind-to-tinydns




2016-02-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-17.20140818gitdf0ddc3
- Rebuilt for
2015-06-17 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-16.20140818gitdf0ddc3
- Rebuilt for
2014-08-18 - Tim Jackson <> - 0.4.3-15.20140818gitdf0ddc3
- Updated to latest upstream snapshot; fixes SRV record support
2014-08-15 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-14.20140205git32dc9263
- Rebuilt for
2014-06-07 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-13.20140205git32dc9263
- Rebuilt for
2014-02-05 - Tim Jackson <>
- Updated to latest upstream snapshot; supports AAAA records
- License is now BSD
2013-08-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-11
- Rebuilt for
2013-02-13 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-10
- Rebuilt for
2012-07-18 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-9
- Rebuilt for
2012-01-12 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.3-8
- Rebuilt for

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