cmap-resources - CMap Resources for Adobe's public character collections

Distribution: Fedora 25
Repository: Fedora x86_64
Package name: cmap-resources
Package version: 2016.09.04
Package release: 2.fc25
Package architecture: noarch
Package type: rpm
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CMap (Character Map) resources are used to unidirectionally map character codes, such as a Unicode encoding form, to CIDs (Characters IDs, meaning glyphs) of a CIDFont resource.



  • cmap-resources = 2016.09.04-2.fc25

    Install Howto

    Install the cmap-resources rpm package:

    # dnf install cmap-resources


    • /usr/share/cmap/
    • /usr/share/doc/cmap-resources/
    • /usr/share/doc/cmap-resources/VERSIONS.txt
    • /usr/share/licenses/cmap-resources/LICENSE.txt


    2016-10-01 - Ben Rosser <> - 2015.09.04-2 - Remove bogus isa dep in cns1-6 on main package.

    2016-09-06 - Ben Rosser <> - 2015.09.04-1 - Update to latest resources. - Fix packaging error in cmap-resources-gb1-5.

    2016-08-19 - Ben Rosser <> - 2015.12.05-2 - Fixed Source0 to include the project name in the download. - Moved directory ownership, docs, and license file to main package.

    2016-06-25 - Ben Rosser <> - 2015.12.05-1 - Initial repackage, now that upstream doesn't distribute separate archives. - Rename korean1-2 to korea1-2 and identity0 to identity-0 as per upstream. - Provide compatibility symlinks to the old versioned directories. - Included actual documentation (README.txt, VERSIONS.txt) with each package. - Upstream has changed the license _back_ to BSD.