cryptlib - Security library and toolkit for encryption and authentication services

Distribution: Fedora 25
Repository: Fedora x86_64
Package name: cryptlib
Package version: 3.4.3
Package release: 8.fc25
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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Cryptlib is a powerful security toolkit that allows even inexperienced crypto programmers to easily add encryption and authentication services to their software. The high-level interface provides anyone with the ability to add strong security capabilities to an application in as little as half an hour, without needing to know any of the low-level details that make the encryption or authentication work. Because of this, cryptlib dramatically reduces the cost involved in adding security to new or existing applications. At the highest level, cryptlib provides implementations of complete security services such as S/MIME and PGP/OpenPGP secure enveloping, SSL/TLS and SSH secure sessions, CA services such as CMP, SCEP, RTCS, and OCSP, and other security operations such as secure time-stamping. Since cryptlib uses industry-standard X.509, S/MIME, PGP/OpenPGP, and SSH/SSL/TLS data formats, the resulting encrypted or signed data can be easily transported to other systems and processed there, and cryptlib itself runs on virtually any operating system - cryptlib doesn't tie you to a single system. This allows email, files and EDI transactions to be authenticated with digital signatures and encrypted in an industry-standard format.


  • cryptlib = 3.4.3-8.fc25
  • cryptlib(x86-64) = 3.4.3-8.fc25


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    Install Howto

    Install the cryptlib rpm package:

    # dnf install cryptlib


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    2016-07-26 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4.3-8 - change license tag (RHBZ #1352406) - rename symbols that collide with openssl (RHBZ #1352404)

    2016-07-19 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.4.3-7 -

    2016-06-16 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4.3-6 - Remove perl-generators for epel7 - Remove python3 script from test subpackage (fixes RHBZ #1347294)

    2016-06-14 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4.3-5 - Fix source locations - Clean up perl file installation - Fix python3 module code in spec file

    2016-06-09 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4.3-4 - Removed the doc subpackage

    2016-06-06 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4.3-3 - Fixed Java subpackage dependency - Made devel arch specific

    2016-06-03 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4.3-2 - Added javadoc subpackage and made docs noarch - Added a perl subpackage - Modified native stestlib program with two tests disabled (testSessionSSH and testSessionSSHClientCert)

    2016-06-01 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4.3-1 - Added python2/python3 subpackage - Source code signature check with GnuPG enabled

    2016-05-29 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4-2 - Added doc and java subpackage

    2016-05-27 - Senderek Web Security <> - 3.4-1 - Initial version of the rpm package build