dcfldd - Improved dd, useful for forensics and security

Distribution: Fedora 25
Repository: Fedora x86_64
Package name: dcfldd
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Package release: 13.fc24
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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dcfldd is an enhanced version of GNU dd with features useful for forensics and security. dcfldd has the following additional features: * Hashing on-the-fly - dcfldd can hash the input data as it is being transferred, helping to ensure data integrity. * Status output - dcfldd can update the user of its progress in terms of the amount of data transferred and how much longer operation will take. * Flexible disk wipes - dcfldd can be used to wipe disks quickly and with a known pattern if desired. * Image/wipe Verify - dcfldd can verify that a target drive is a bit-for-bit match of the specified input file or pattern. * Multiple outputs - dcfldd can output to multiple files or disks at the same time. * Split output - dcfldd can split output to multiple files with more configuration possibilities than the split command. * Piped output and logs - dcfldd can send all its log data and output to commands as well as files.



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    Install Howto

    Install the dcfldd rpm package:

    # dnf install dcfldd


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