libfixbuf - fixbuf IPFIX implementation library

Distribution: Fedora 25
Repository: CERT Forensics Tools i386
Package name: libfixbuf
Package version: 1.7.1
Package release: 1.fc25
Package architecture: i686
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 667.60 KB
Download size: 206.09 KB
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libfixbuf aims to be a compliant implementation of the IPFIX Protocol and message format, from which IPFIX Collecting Processes and IPFIX Exporting Processes may be built.



  • libfixbuf = 1.7.1-1.fc25
  • libfixbuf
  • libfixbuf(x86-32) = 1.7.1-1.fc25
  • libtool(/usr/lib/


    Install Howto

    1. Download cert-forensics-tools-release-25 rpm:
    2. Install cert-forensics-tools-release-25 rpm:
      # rpm -Uvh cert-forensics-tools-release*rpm
    3. Install libfixbuf rpm package:
      # dnf --enablerepo=forensics install libfixbuf


    • /usr/lib/libfixbuf.a
    • /usr/lib/
    • /usr/lib/
    • /usr/lib/
    • /usr/lib/
    • /usr/share/doc/libfixbuf/AUTHORS
    • /usr/share/doc/libfixbuf/COPYING
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    • /usr/share/doc/libfixbuf/README


    2015-10-09 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.7.1-1 * Release 1.7.1-1 Bug Fix for NetFlow v9 devices that implement Reverse Information Elements

    2015-07-01 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.7.0-1 * Release 1.7.0-1 Update IPFIX Information Elements to be compatible with IANA registry Add recursive freeing function fBufListFree() to free structured data elements Ignore extra filling bytes in sFlow records Bug Fix for NetFlow v9 Options Template Parsing Other Bug Fixes

    2014-12-03 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.6.2-1 * Release 1.6.2-1 Bug Fix for NetFlow v9 collectors with multiple streams Other Bug Fixes

    2014-10-15 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.6.1-1 * Release 1.6.1-1 Bug Fix for UDP connections that timeout frequently

    2014-09-29 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.6.0-1 * Release 1.6.0-1 New Support for sFlow Added support for decoding basicLists with unknown information elements New Template Callback Function Updated IPFIX Information Elements to be compatible with IANA registry

    2014-06-18 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.5.0-1 * Release 1.5.0-1 Updated IPFIX Information Elements to be compatible with IANA registry Added the ability to decode IPFIX from application's own data buffer Replaced select() with poll() for fbListeners. Applications will now bind to all addresses returned by getaddrinfo Added an InfoModel Iterator Removed fbListenerGroupWaitAcceptCallback() API function Removed fbListenerWaitAcceptCallback() API function Renamed IPFIX Structured Data Type Semantic #defines Bug Fix for NetFlow v9 Options Templates Other Bug Fixes

    2013-12-02 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.4.0-1 * Release 1.4.0-1 pyfixbuf, a python API for libfixbuf, is included as a separate package within the tarball (optional install) UDP IPFIX Listeners now reject IPFIX messages with invalid version numbers Added Environment Variable, FB_SUPPRESS_LOGS, to suppress NetFlow v9 log messages NetFlow v9 Options Templates and Records are now collected and translated to IPFIX. An fbInfoElement_st now contains all of the properties listed in RFC 5610. Added a macro, FB_IE_INIT_FULL, to define an Information Element with additional properties New API functions to create Options Templates/Records for encoding Information Element type information. New API functions to collect Information Element type records. New Template Callback for application to provide context to an incoming Template. IPFIX Elements updated to be compatible with IANA registry. NetFlow v9 compatible elements added to default Information Model.

    2013-03-08 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.3.0-1 * Release 1.3.0-1 Maintain count of missed NetFlow v9 export packets per session Added API function fbCollectorGetNetflowMissed to retrieve missed packet count IPFIX elements updated Spread Disconnect Bug fix

    2012-09-14 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.2.0-1 * Release 1.2.0-1 UDP Collection Enhancements Manage UDP sessions by peer address and observation domain

    2012-06-07 - Lawrence Rogers <> 1.1.2-1 * Release 1.1.2-1 Bug fixes NetFlow v9 bug fixes