silk-rwreceiver - SiLK Toolset: File Transfer Receiver

Distribution: Fedora 25
Repository: CERT Forensics Tools SiLK, IPA, Postgresql i386
Package name: silk-rwreceiver
Package version: 3.15.0
Package release: 2.fc25
Package architecture: i686
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 284.05 KB
Download size: 147.31 KB
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SiLK, the System for Internet-Level Knowledge, is a collection of traffic analysis tools developed by the CERT Network Situational Awareness Team (CERT NetSA) to facilitate security analysis of large networks. The SiLK tool suite supports the efficient collection, storage and analysis of network flow data, enabling network security analysts to rapidly query large historical traffic data sets. SiLK is ideally suited for analyzing traffic on the backbone or border of a large, distributed enterprise or mid-sized ISP. The silk-rwreceiver package contains a program (rwreceiver) which receives files over the network from one or more rwsender programs. rwsender-rwreceiver pairs are used to move files from a machine running flowcap and one running rwflowpack, or from the rwflowpack machine to machine(s) running rwflowappend.



  • config(silk-rwreceiver) = 3.15.0-2.fc25
  • silk-rwreceiver = 3.15.0-2.fc25
  • silk-rwreceiver(x86-32) = 3.15.0-2.fc25


    Install Howto

    1. Download cert-forensics-tools-release-25 rpm:
    2. Install cert-forensics-tools-release-25 rpm:
      # rpm -Uvh cert-forensics-tools-release*rpm
    3. Install silk-rwreceiver rpm package:
      # dnf --enablerepo=forensics-sip install silk-rwreceiver


    • /etc/init.d/rwreceiver
    • /etc/sysconfig/rwreceiver.conf
    • /usr/sbin/rwreceiver
    • /usr/share/man/man8/rwreceiver.8.gz
    • /var/silk/


    2017-03-24 - Lawrence Rogers <> 3.15.0-1/2 * Release 3.15.0-1/2 rwaggbag Create a new tool similar to rwbag: a tool to bin SiLK Flow records using a key and counter that support multiple fields and store the results in a binary Aggregate Bag file. rwaggbagbuild Create a new tool to create an Aggregate Bag file from text. rwaggbagcat Create a new tool to print the contents of an Aggregate Bag file as text. rwaggbagtool Create a new tool to manipulate binary Aggregate Bag files and create a new Aggregate Bag file. flowkey Add a new plug-in that uses the same algorithm as YAF to compute a 32-bit flow key hash. rwpmapcat Add the --output-path switch to specify the output file. POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY. Note that the shortest unique prefix for the --output-type switch is now "--output-t". rwfileinfo Add the --xargs switch to read input file names from a file. rwsetcat Add the --output-path switch to specify the output file. Do not use the the pager when the output contains only the count of the number of IPs in a singe IPset. rwsiteinfo Add the --output-path switch to specify the output file. rwtuc Add the --xargs switch to read input file names from a file. Allow multiple fields in the input to be ignored. At shutdown, print the number of input lines that were not parsed unless --verbose is given or an error occurs. Remove the --bad-input-lines file when it is empty (in accordance with the manual page). Fix a bug that treated white space after the final delimiter as another field. Fix issues in parsing the title line when --fields is given. rwbagcat Add the --site-config-file switch to select the silk.conf file. Do not invoke the pager when --print-statistics is the only output and a destination argument is given to the switch. rwip2cc Do not use the pager when the --output-path switch is given. rwscanquery Fix a bug that prevented use of the SQLite database driver on a case-sensitive file system and caused "make check" to fail. Building Fix a compilation error in rwsiteinfo on Ubuntu. Remove support for fixbuf releases prior to libfixbuf-1.7.0.