python2-typing - Typing defines a standard notation for type annotations

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 26
Repository Fedora Updates Testing x86_64
Package name python2-typing
Package version 3.6.1
Package release 1.fc26
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 242.55 KB
Download size 47.73 KB
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Typing defines a standard notation for Python function and variable type
annotations. The notation can be used for documenting code in a concise,
standard format, and it has been designed to also be used by static and runtime
type checkers, static analyzers, IDEs and other tools.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python2-typing-3.6.1-1.fc26.noarch.rpm 3.6.1 noarch Fedora Updates Testing
python2-typing- noarch Fedora
python2-typing- noarch Fedora
python2-typing - - -


Name Value
python(abi) = 2.7
python2 -


Name Value
python2-typing = 3.6.1-1.fc26
python2.7dist(typing) = 3.6.1
python2dist(typing) = 3.6.1


Type URL
Binary Package python2-typing-3.6.1-1.fc26.noarch.rpm
Source Package python2-typing-3.6.1-1.fc26.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the python2-typing rpm package:

# dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install python2-typing




2017-06-14 - Kushal Das <> - 3.6.1-1
- Updates to 3.6.1
2017-02-11 - Fedora Release Engineering <> -
- Rebuilt for
2016-07-19 - Fedora Release Engineering <> -
2016-06-17 - Kushal Das <> -
- Updates to
2016-06-03 - Kushal Das <> -
- Initial package creation

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