acpica-tools - ACPICA tools for the development and debug of ACPI tables

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Distribution Fedora 26
Repository Fedora x86_64
Package name acpica-tools
Package version 20160930
Package release 1.fc26
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
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The ACPI Component Architecture (ACPICA) project provides an OS-independent
reference implementation of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
Specification (ACPI).  ACPICA code contains those portions of ACPI meant to
be directly integrated into the host OS as a kernel-resident subsystem, and
a small set of tools to assist in developing and debugging ACPI tables.
This package contains only the user-space tools needed for ACPI table
development, not the kernel implementation of ACPI.  The following commands
are installed:
-- iasl: compiles ASL (ACPI Source Language) into AML (ACPI Machine
Language), suitable for inclusion as a DSDT in system firmware.
It also can disassemble AML, for debugging purposes.
-- acpibin: performs basic operations on binary AML files (e.g.,
comparison, data extraction)
-- acpidump: write out the current contents of ACPI tables
-- acpiexec: simulate AML execution in order to debug method definitions
-- acpihelp: display help messages describing ASL keywords and op-codes
-- acpinames: display complete ACPI name space from input AML
-- acpisrc: manipulate the ACPICA source tree and format source files
for specific environments
-- acpixtract: extract binary ACPI tables from acpidump output (see
also the pmtools package)
This version of the tools is being released under GPLv2 license.


Package Version Architecture Repository
acpica-tools-20180105-1.fc26.i686.rpm 20180105 i686 Fedora Updates
acpica-tools-20180105-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm 20180105 x86_64 Fedora Updates
acpica-tools-20160930-1.fc26.i686.rpm 20160930 i686 Fedora
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acpica-tools = 20160930-1.fc26
acpica-tools(x86-64) = 20160930-1.fc26
acpidump >= 20100513-5
acpixtract >= 20120913-7
iasl = 20160930-1.fc26
pmtools = 20160930-1.fc26


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iasl < 20120913-8
pmtools < 20100513-6


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Binary Package acpica-tools-20160930-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm
Source Package acpica-tools-20160930-1.fc26.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the acpica-tools rpm package:

# dnf install acpica-tools




2016-10-04 - Al Stone <> - 20160930-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1381017.
- Refresh patches.
2016-09-01 - Al Stone <> - 20160831-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1372107.
- Refresh patches.
- Closes BZ#1365193 -- s390x FTBFS due to int/ptr size mismatch: made sure
the tools built with 64-bit integers for s390x
2016-08-02 - Al Stone <> - 20160729-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1361737.
- Refresh patches.
2016-06-09 - Al Stone <> - 20160527-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1340573.
- Refresh patches.
2016-04-26 - Al Stone <> - 20160422-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1329774.
- Refresh patches.
2016-03-19 - Al Stone <> - 20160318-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1319359.
- Refresh patches.
2016-02-22 - Al Stone <> - 20160212-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1307192.
- Refresh patches.
2016-02-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 20160108-2
- Rebuilt for
2016-01-11 - Al Stone <> - 20160108-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1297078.
- Refresh patches.
2016-01-06 - Al Stone <> - 20151218-1
- Update to latest upstream.  Closes BZ#1292987.
- Refresh patches, and remove one no longer needed (acpinames).

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