alembic-libs - Core Alembic libraries

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 26
Repository Fedora x86_64
Package name alembic-libs
Package version 1.7.1
Package release 3.fc26
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Installed size 2.12 MB
Download size 647.50 KB
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Alembic is an open computer graphics interchange framework. Alembic distills
complex, animated scenes into a non-procedural, application-independent set of
baked geometric results. This 'distillation' of scenes into baked geometry is
exactly analogous to the distillation of lighting and rendering scenes into
rendered image data.


Package Version Architecture Repository
alembic-libs-1.7.3-1.fc26.i686.rpm 1.7.3 i686 Fedora Updates
alembic-libs-1.7.3-1.fc26.i686.rpm 1.7.3 i686 Fedora Updates
alembic-libs-1.7.3-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm 1.7.3 x86_64 Fedora Updates
alembic-libs-1.7.1-3.fc26.i686.rpm 1.7.1 i686 Fedora
alembic-libs-1.7.1-3.fc26.i686.rpm 1.7.1 i686 Fedora
alembic-libs - - -


Name Value
/sbin/ldconfig - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


Name Value
alembic-libs = 1.7.1-3.fc26
alembic-libs(x86-64) = 1.7.1-3.fc26 -


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Binary Package alembic-libs-1.7.1-3.fc26.x86_64.rpm
Source Package alembic-1.7.1-3.fc26.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the alembic-libs rpm package:

# dnf install alembic-libs




See alembic-1.7.1-3.fc26.x86_64.rpm changelog.

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