anaconda-widgets-devel - Development files for anaconda-widgets

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Distribution Fedora 26
Repository Fedora x86_64
Package name anaconda-widgets-devel
Package version 26.21.11
Package release 1.fc26
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size 314.31 KB
Download size 136.30 KB
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This package contains libraries and header files needed for writing the anaconda
installer.  It also contains Python and Glade support files, as well as
documentation for working with this library.


Package Version Architecture Repository
anaconda-widgets-devel-26.21.12-1.fc26.i686.rpm 26.21.12 i686 Fedora Updates
anaconda-widgets-devel-26.21.12-1.fc26.i686.rpm 26.21.12 i686 Fedora Updates
anaconda-widgets-devel-26.21.12-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm 26.21.12 x86_64 Fedora Updates
anaconda-widgets-devel-26.21.11-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm 26.21.11 x86_64 Fedora
anaconda-widgets-devel-26.21.11-1.fc26.i686.rpm 26.21.11 i686 Fedora
anaconda-widgets-devel - - -


Name Value
anaconda-widgets(x86-32) = 26.21.11-1.fc26
glade - -


Name Value
anaconda-widgets-devel = 26.21.11-1.fc26
anaconda-widgets-devel(x86-32) = 26.21.11-1.fc26


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Binary Package anaconda-widgets-devel-26.21.11-1.fc26.i686.rpm
Source Package anaconda-26.21.11-1.fc26.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install the anaconda-widgets-devel rpm package:

# dnf install anaconda-widgets-devel




2017-06-30 - Martin Kolman <> - 26.21.11-1
- Fix a typo in python-meh initialization (#1462825) (mkolman)
- Require "blivet-gui-runtime" instead of "blivet-gui" (vtrefny)
2017-06-26 - Martin Kolman <> - 26.21.10-1
- Install class shouldn't set the default boot fstype (#1463297) (vponcova)
- Store testing logs properly (jkonecny)
- Fix location of the blivet-gui user help (vtrefny)
- netowrk: fix noipv6 option check regression (#1464297) (rvykydal)
- Use context manager to check KickstartError (jkonecny)
- Honor --erroronfail kickstart option in cmdline mode (rvykydal)
- Fix the 'non-ASCII characters in password' checks (#1413813) (awilliam)
- Move mock config files to slaves (jkonecny)
2017-06-15 - Martin Kolman <> - 26.21.9-1
- Bump version of Pykickstart and Blivet (#1113207) (jkonecny)
- Add XFS uuid changer (#1113207) (jkonecny)
- Support --when parameter in snapshot (#1113207) (jkonecny)
- Add snapshot support (#1113207) (jkonecny)
2017-06-13 - Martin Kolman <> - 26.21.8-1
- Show warning if swap is smaller then recommended (#1290360) (vponcova)
- Disable test-install in Makefile (jkonecny)
- Fixes for Pylint 1.7 (vponcova)
- Add support for IPoIB in tui (#1366935) (rvykydal)
- Fix pylint unused import error (jkonecny)
- Add support for DNF-2.5.0 (jkonecny)
- Fix simpleline_getpass related Pylint warning (mkolman)
- network: handle multiple connections for one device better (#1444887)
- Fix setting errors and warnings in the StorageCheckHandler (vponcova)
- Add inst.waitfornet option (#1315160) (rvykydal)
- Set the default filesystem type from a kickstart file (vponcova)
- Adapt to our new daily builds of Anaconda (jkonecny)
- Perform recursive copying of driver disk RPM repo contents (esyr)
- network: catch exception when reading in-memory connection being removed
(#1439220) (rvykydal)
- network: fix setting hostname via boot options (#1441337) (rvykydal)
- Fix a typo in an error message (esyr)
- Use the function we already have for applying disk selection (#1412022)
- Ignore disks labeled OEMDRV (#1412022) (rvykydal)
- network: create dracut arguments for iSCSI root accessed via vlan (#1374003)
- Test if Anaconda can be installed inside of mock (jkonecny)
- Remove run_install_test test (jkonecny)
- Show the text of completions in the datetime spoke. (vponcova)
- Use new daily-blivet copr builds (jkonecny)
2017-05-24 - Martin Kolman <> - 26.21.7-1
- Provide access to simpleline App instance (mkolman)
- Make it possible to use a custom getpass() (mkolman)
- Fix the addon handlers for the checkbox (#1451754) (vponcova)
2017-05-09 - Martin Kolman <> - 26.21.6-1
- Bump Pykickstart version (mkolman)
2017-05-05 - Martin Kolman <> - 26.21.5-1
- Make some missed adjustments to blivet API changes. (#1440134) (dlehman)
- Bump required version for blivet-gui (vtrefny)
- BlivetGuiSpoke: Set keyboard shortcuts for blivet-gui (#1439608) (vtrefny)
- BlivetGuiSpoke: Refresh blivet-gui UI after spoke is entered (vtrefny)
- Really fix with tmux 2.4 (version comparison was busted) (awilliam)
- Show or hide the content of the expander on Fedora (vponcova)
- itertools.chain can be iterated only once (#1414391) (vponcova)

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