planetccrma-rt-permissions - Grant rt permissions to all users or to active sessions

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 26
Repository Planet CCRMA i386
Package name planetccrma-rt-permissions
Package version 2012.09.19
Package release 1.fc26.ccrma
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size 160 B
Download size 7.83 KB
Official Mirror
This package contains two subpackages, installing planetccrma-rt-permissions-all will
grant rt permissions to all users, installing planetccrma-rt-permissions-session will
grant rt permissions only to active sessions in the workstsion.


Package Version Architecture Repository
planetccrma-rt-permissions-2012.09.19-1.fc26.ccrma.x86_64.rpm 2012.09.19 x86_64 Planet CCRMA
planetccrma-rt-permissions - - -


Name Value
planetccrma-rt-permissions = 2012.09.19-1.fc26.ccrma
planetccrma-rt-permissions(x86-32) = 2012.09.19-1.fc26.ccrma


Type URL
Binary Package planetccrma-rt-permissions-2012.09.19-1.fc26.ccrma.i686.rpm
Source Package planetccrma-rt-permissions-2012.09.19-1.fc26.ccrma.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download the latest planetccrma-repo rpm from
  2. Install planetccrma-repo rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh planetccrma-repo*rpm
  3. Install planetccrma-rt-permissions rpm package:
    # dnf install planetccrma-rt-permissions




2012-09-20 - Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <> - 2012.09.19-1
- change amount of lockable memory to "unlimited", ardour complains
about anything less than that
2012-05-30 - Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <> - 2012.05.29-1
- lower max allowed priority for Fedora >= 17 to 70 which is now the
default for Fedora - rtirq and friends take that into account
2011-11-15 - Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <> - 2011.11.15-1
- fixed jack user group (from "jack-user" to "jackuser"), thanks to
John Dey for the report
2011-11-14 - Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <> - 2011.11.14-1
- create another package with permissions just for the jack-rt group
2011-11-14 - Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <> - 2011.11.13-1
- just build the base package (no session stuff, it does not yet work)
2011-05-25 - Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <> - 2011.05.24-1
- initial build.

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