abrt-cli - Virtual package to make easy default installation on non-graphical environments

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 27
Repository Fedora Updates i386
Package name abrt-cli
Package version 2.10.7
Package release 1.fc27
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size unknown
Download size 23.12 KB
Official Mirror dl.fedoraproject.org
Virtual package to install all necessary packages for usage from command line


Package Version Architecture Repository
abrt-cli-2.10.7-1.fc27.x86_64.rpm 2.10.7 x86_64 Fedora Updates
abrt-cli-2.10.4-3.fc27.x86_64.rpm 2.10.4 x86_64 Fedora
abrt-cli-2.10.4-3.fc27.i686.rpm 2.10.4 i686 Fedora
abrt-cli - - -


Name Value
abrt = 2.10.7-1.fc27
abrt-addon-ccpp -
abrt-addon-kerneloops -
abrt-addon-pstoreoops -
abrt-addon-vmcore -
abrt-addon-xorg -
abrt-plugin-bodhi -
abrt-retrace-client -
abrt-tui -
libreport-fedora >= 2.9.3
libreport-plugin-bugzilla >= 2.9.3
libreport-plugin-logger >= 2.9.3
libreport-plugin-ureport >= 2.9.3
python3-abrt-addon -


Name Value
abrt-cli = 2.10.7-1.fc27
abrt-cli(x86-32) = 2.10.7-1.fc27


Type URL
Binary Package abrt-cli-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm
Source Package abrt-2.10.7-1.fc27.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install abrt-cli rpm package:

# dnf install abrt-cli


See abrt-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm changelog.

See Also

Package Description
abrt-cli-ng-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm abrt's improved command line interface
abrt-console-notification-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm ABRT console notification script
abrt-dbus-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm ABRT DBus service
abrt-desktop-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm Virtual package to make easy default installation on desktop environments
abrt-devel-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm Development libraries for abrt
abrt-gui-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm abrt's gui
abrt-gui-devel-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm Development libraries for abrt-gui
abrt-gui-libs-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm Libraries for abrt-gui
abrt-libs-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm Libraries for abrt
abrt-plugin-bodhi-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm abrt's bodhi plugin
abrt-plugin-machine-id-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm abrt's plugin to generate machine_id based off dmidecode
abrt-plugin-sosreport-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm abrt's plugin for building automatic sosreports
abrt-retrace-client-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm abrt's retrace client
abrt-server-info-page-1.6-1.fc27.noarch.rpm Web page with summary of ABRT services
abrt-tui-2.10.7-1.fc27.i686.rpm abrt's command line interface