boost-nowide - Boost.Nowide makes cross platform Unicode aware programming easier

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Boost.Nowide is a library implemented by Artyom Beilis
that makes cross platform Unicode aware programming
The library provides an implementation of standard C and C++ library
functions, such that their inputs are UTF-8 aware on Windows without
requiring to use Wide API.


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boost-nowide-0-20171026.gitec9672b.fc27.noarch.rpm 0 noarch Fedora Updates
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boost-nowide = 0-20171026.gitec9672b.fc27


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Binary Package boost-nowide-0-20171026.gitec9672b.fc27.noarch.rpm
Source Package boost-nowide-0-20171026.gitec9672b.fc27.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install boost-nowide rpm package:

# dnf install boost-nowide




2017-10-19 - James Hogarth <> - 0-20171026.gitec9672b
- Fix the directory location on EPEL to align with the boost157 package correctly
- Move the docs to a dedicated subpackage
2017-10-19 - James Hogarth <> - 0-20171019.gitec9672b
- Include documentation files
- Adjust to bring in line with guidelines for a header only package
- Place headers in correct place for epel
2017-10-04 - James Hogarth <> - 0-20171003.gitec9672b
- Initial packaging

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