libitm-devel - The GNU Transactional Memory support

Distribution: Fedora 27
Repository: Fedora Updates x86_64
Package name: libitm-devel
Package version: 7.3.1
Package release: 5.fc27
Package architecture: i686
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 14.23 KB
Download size: 50.32 KB
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This package contains headers and support files for the GNU Transactional Memory library.


  • libitm-devel = 7.3.1-5.fc27
  • libitm-devel(x86-32) = 7.3.1-5.fc27


    Install Howto

    Install the libitm-devel rpm package:

    # dnf install libitm-devel


    • /usr/lib/gcc/
    • /usr/lib/gcc/i686-redhat-linux/
    • /usr/lib/gcc/i686-redhat-linux/7/
    • /usr/lib/gcc/i686-redhat-linux/7/include/
    • /usr/share/doc/libitm-devel/ChangeLog.libitm.bz2


    2018-03-03 - Jakub Jelinek <> 7.3.1-5 - update from the 7 branch - PRs ada/84277, bootstrap/80867, bootstrap/82916, bootstrap/84017, c++/71569, c++/71784, c++/81589, c++/81853, c++/81860, c++/82664, c++/82764, c++/83227, c++/83659, c++/83817, c++/83824, c++/83835, c++/83958, c++/83990, c++/83993, c++/84015, c++/84031, c++/84045, c++/84082, c++/84151, c++/84192, c++/84341, c++/84420, c++/84430, c++/84441, c++/84444, c++/84445, c++/84448, c++/84449, c++/84489, c++/84496, c++/84520, c++/84556, c++/84557, c++/84558, c/82210, fortran/30792, fortran/35299, fortran/54223, fortran/68560, fortran/78238, fortran/81116, fortran/82007, fortran/82049, fortran/82994, fortran/83633, fortran/84116, fortran/84270, fortran/84276, fortran/84346, fortran/84418, fortran/84495, fortran/84506, fortran/84511, inline-asm/84625, ipa/84425, ipa/84628, libgfortran/84412, libgomp/84096, libstdc++/81797, libstdc++/84532, libstdc++/84671, middle-end/83945, middle-end/83977, middle-end/84040, preprocessor/69869, preprocessor/83722, rtl-optimization/83496, rtl-optimization/83986, rtl-optimization/84071, rtl-optimization/84123, rtl-optimization/84308, sanitizer/70875, sanitizer/83987, sanitizer/84285, target/56010, target/79242, target/79975, target/81228, target/82096, target/83370, target/83743, target/83758, target/83790, target/83930, target/84039, target/84089, target/84113, target/84154, target/84279, target/84388, target/84390, target/84530, target/PR84295, tree-optimization/81661, tree-optimization/82795, tree-optimization/83605, tree-optimization/84117, tree-optimization/84190, tree-optimization/84233, tree-optimization/84503 - fix AVX512BW wrong-code bug (PR target/84524) - fix go provides/requires (#1545071)

    2018-02-05 - Richard W.M. Jones <> 7.3.1-4 - disable multilib on riscv64

    2018-02-01 - Jeff Law <> 7.3.1-3 - fix -fstack-clash-protection codegen issue on 32 bit x86 (#1540221, PR target/84128)

    2018-01-30 - Jakub Jelinek <> 7.3.1-2 - update from the 7 branch - PRs c++/82461, c++/82878, libstdc++/81076, libstdc++/83658, libstdc++/83830, libstdc++/83833, rtl-optimization/83985, target/68467, target/81763, target/83399, target/83862, target/83905, target/84033 - fix -fstack-clash-protection ICE with -mtune=i686 (#1538648, PR target/84064)

    2018-01-25 - Jakub Jelinek <> 7.3.1-1 - update from the 7 branch - 7.3 release - PRs c++/81843, c++/82331, c++/82760, fortran/80768, fortran/83864, fortran/83874, fortran/83900, ipa/82352, ipa/83549, libstdc++/83834, middle-end/81782, rtl-optimization/81443, target/80870, target/83687, target/83946, tree-optimization/81877, tree-optimization/83552

    2018-01-24 - Jeff Law <> 7.2.1-8 - fix -fstack-clash-protection codegen issue on 32 bit x86 (#1536555)

    2018-01-17 - Jakub Jelinek <> 7.2.1-7 - update from the 7 branch - PRs fortran/78814, fortran/82367, fortran/82841, fortran/83093, fortran/83679, libgfortran/83811, libstdc++/79283, libstdc++/83279, libstdc++/83598, libstdc++/83600, libstdc++/83626, middle-end/83713, preprocessor/83492, rtl-optimization/83424, rtl-optimization/83565, target/81481, target/81819, target/81821, target/82975, target/83330, target/83628, target/83629, target/83677, target/83839, testsuite/77734 - x86 retpoline support - comment out gcc-debuginfo/gcc-base-debuginfo splitting hacks for f27 and later (#1517259)

    2018-01-04 - Jakub Jelinek <> 7.2.1-6 - update from the 7 branch - PRs c++/83556, fortran/83650, libgfortran/83649 - backport fixes for two -fstack-clash-protection bugs from the trunk (PRs middle-end/83654, target/83641) - commit -fstack-clash-protection patches except aarch64 to redhat/gcc-7-branch instead of applying them as patches in the spec file