pungi - Distribution compose tool

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Distribution Fedora 27
Repository Fedora Updates x86_64
Package filename pungi-4.1.30-1.fc27.noarch.rpm
Package name pungi
Package version 4.1.30
Package release 1.fc27
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
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A tool to create anaconda based installation trees/isos of a set of rpms.


Package Version Architecture Repository
pungi-4.1.30-1.fc27.noarch.rpm 4.1.30 noarch Fedora Updates
pungi-4.1.19-1.fc27.noarch.rpm 4.1.19 noarch Fedora
pungi-4.1.19-1.fc27.noarch.rpm 4.1.19 noarch Fedora
pungi - - -


Name Value
/usr/bin/python3 -
createrepo_c -
genisoimage -
git -
isomd5sum -
koji >= 1.10.1-13
libguestfs-tools-c -
libmodulemd >= 1.3.0
python3-PyYAML -
python3-createrepo_c -
python3-dnf -
python3-dogpile-cache -
python3-enum34 -
python3-gobject -
python3-jsonschema -
python3-kickstart -
python3-kobo >= 0.6
python3-kobo-rpmlib -
python3-koji -
python3-koji-cli-plugins -
python3-libcomps -
python3-lxml -
python3-multilib -
python3-pdc-client -
python3-productmd >= 1.17
python3-pungi = 4.1.30-1.fc27
python3-six -


Name Value
pungi = 4.1.30-1.fc27


Type URL
Mirror download-ib01.fedoraproject.org
Binary Package pungi-4.1.30-1.fc27.noarch.rpm
Source Package pungi-4.1.30-1.fc27.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install pungi rpm package:

# dnf install pungi




2018-10-31 - Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.30-1
- gather: Expand wildcards in Pungi (lsedlar)
- repoclosure: Extract logs from hybrid solver (lsedlar)
- gather: Track multilib that doesn't exist (lsedlar)
- Get the NSVC from Koji module CG build metadata (jkaluza)
- extra_iso: Include media.repo and .discinfo (lsedlar)
- hybrid: Don't add debuginfo as langpacks (lsedlar)
- fus: Write solvables to file (lsedlar)
- hybrid: Honor filter_packages (lsedlar)
- Include all test fixtures in source tarball (lsedlar)
- extra-iso: Use correct efiboot.img file (lsedlar)
- extra-iso: Fix treeinfo (lsedlar)
- createiso: Move code for tweaking treeinfo into a function (lsedlar)
- extra-iso: Generate jigdo by default (lsedlar)
2018-10-15 - Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.29-3
- Save memory less agressively
2018-10-10 - Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.29-2
- Add dependency on xorriso to pungi-legacy
- Bump dependency on python-productmd
2018-10-10 - Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.29-1
- hybrid: Only include modules that are not in lookaside (lsedlar)
- Try to be more conservative about memory usage (lsedlar)
- hybrid: Remove modules not listed by fus (lsedlar)
- gather: Make devel modules configurable (lsedlar)
- pkgset: Stop prefilling RPM artifacts (lsedlar)
- gather: Create devel module for each normal module (lsedlar)
- pkgset: Save package set for each module (lsedlar)
- fus: List lookaside repos first (lsedlar)
- gather: Work with repos without location_base (lsedlar)
- Remove extra dependencies (lsedlar)
- Set repodata mtime to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (marmarek)
- Make sure .treeinfo file is sorted (marmarek)
- Use constant MBR ID for isohybrid (marmarek)
- Use xorriso instead of genisoimage (marmarek)
- Use $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (if set) in discinfo file (marmarek)
- unified_isos: Add extra variants to metadata (lsedlar)
- extra_iso: Add list of variants to metadata (lsedlar)
- linker: Simplify creating pool (lsedlar)
- gather: Hide pid of fus process (lsedlar)
- fus: Strip protocol from repo path (lsedlar)
- Add 'pkgset_koji_builds' option to include extra builds in a compose
- ostree: Reduce duplication in tests (lsedlar)
- ostree: Use --touch-if-changed (lsedlar)
- ostree: Fix handler crash without commit ID (lsedlar)
- gather: Filter arches similarly to pkgset (lsedlar)
- Stop shipping and remove RELEASE-NOTES (pbrobinson)
2018-09-06 - Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.28-1
- gather: Fix multilib query for hybrid solver (lsedlar)
- gather: Expand multilib lists for hybrid method (lsedlar)
- Index arch modulemd by full NSVC (lsedlar)
- pkgset: Apply whitelist to modules in the tag (lsedlar)
- ostree: Wait for updated ref as well as signature (lsedlar)
- extra_iso: Set unified flag in metadata (lsedlar)
- pkgset: Respect koji event when searching for modules (lsedlar)
- Use dogpile.cache to cache the listTaggedRPMS calls if possible (jkaluza)
- gather: Keep original rpms.json in debug mode (lsedlar)
- Reduce duplication in tests (lsedlar)
- docs: Add better description for package globs (lsedlar)
- Create non-bootable ISO for variant without buildinstall (lsedlar)
- Clean up after yum tests (lsedlar)
- gather: Honor module whitelist (lsedlar)
- Clarify error about non-existing module (lsedlar)
- gather: Print full unresolved dependency (lsedlar)
- Fix tests on Python 2.6 (lsedlar)
- Include all test data in tarball (lsedlar)

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