python2-imgcreate - Python 2 modules for building system images

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Distribution Fedora 27
Repository Fedora Updates x86_64
Package filename python2-imgcreate-25.0-1.fc27.x86_64.rpm
Package name python2-imgcreate
Package version 25.0
Package release 1.fc27
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
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Maintainer -
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Python 2 modules that can be used for building images for things
like live image or appliances.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python2-imgcreate-25.0-1.fc27.i686.rpm 25.0 i686 Fedora Updates
python2-imgcreate-24.4-3.fc27.x86_64.rpm 24.4 x86_64 Fedora
python2-imgcreate-24.4-3.fc27.i686.rpm 24.4 i686 Fedora
python2-imgcreate - - -


Name Value
dbus-python -
libselinux-python -
pyparted -
python(abi) = 2.7
python-imgcreate-sysdeps(x86-64) = 25.0-1.fc27
python-kickstart -
python-six -
python2-dnf >= 1.1.0


Name Value
python-imgcreate = 25.0-1.fc27
python-imgcreate(x86-64) = 25.0-1.fc27
python2-imgcreate = 25.0-1.fc27
python2-imgcreate(x86-64) = 25.0-1.fc27


Name Value
python-imgcreate < 25.0-1.fc27


Type URL
Binary Package python2-imgcreate-25.0-1.fc27.x86_64.rpm
Source Package livecd-tools-25.0-1.fc27.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python2-imgcreate rpm package:

# dnf install python2-imgcreate




2017-10-21 - Neal Gompa <> - 25.0-1
- Bump version to 25.0 (ngompa13)
- Set the correct partition size for minimal Mageia kickstarts (ngompa13)
- editliveos: A full featured replacement for tools/edit-livecd. (fgrose)
- Add functions and classes to support Live Image Mounting. (fgrose)
-, Allow more options to be passed to functions. (fgrose)
- Add support for argparse parser. (fgrose)
- Allow more options to be passed to functions. (fgrose)
- Add a subprocess call that returns standard values. (fgrose)
- Remove absolute directories on external program call paths. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Allow auto --multi install. (fgrose)
- Fix ARM architecture check (ngompa13)
- Declare the literal "kernel-" as a byte array to fix crash (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix boot configuration for images lacking /EFI (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix space evaluation for images lacking /EFI (fgrose)
- Use restorecon instead of setfiles for relabeling (scott)
- liveimage-mount: Add support for OverlayFS overlays. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod:  Enable a --copy-overlay option. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod:  Enable a --copy-home option. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Add --overlayfs option for overlay. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Allow multi installs to live booted devices (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix sed for kernelargs. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Adjust syslinux default menu style, as needed. (fgrose)
2017-08-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:24.4-3
- Rebuilt for
2017-07-26 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:24.4-2
- Rebuilt for
2017-05-08 - Neal Gompa <> - 24.4-1
- Bump version to 24.4 (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix freespace determination for DVD installer. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix labeling of target device filesystem. (fgrose)
- Switch the default filesystem to ext4 (ngompa13)
2017-04-12 - Neal Gompa <> - 24.3-2
- Include missing sample kickstarts
2017-04-12 - Neal Gompa <> - 24.3-1
- Bump version to 24.3 (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix --efi --format code sequence problems. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Add options for automatic boot. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Add --no-overlay & --reset-overlay options. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Remove checkLVM() as it seems unnecessary now. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk & liveimage-mount: Multi Live Image Boot fixes. (fgrose)
- Update minimal Fedora kickstart to use sha512 auth algorithm (ngompa13)
- Add minimal Mageia kickstarts to serve as examples (ngompa13)
- Use genisoimage instead of mkisofs (ngompa13)
2017-03-07 - Neal Gompa <> - 24.2-1
- Bump version to 24.2 (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Code cleanups & modernization. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Update partition handling (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Replace unneeded uses of awk. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Multi Live Image boot configuration (fgrose)
2017-02-28 - Neal Gompa <> - 24.1-1
- Fix livecd-iso-to-disk pod text (ngompa13)
- Bump version to 24.1 (ngompa13)
- Add more primary authors (ngompa13)
- liveimage-mount: Add an exception class to allow standalone use. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Support multiple concurrent invocations. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Extend mount-hacks & overlay options. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Support encrypted home filesystems. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Add a read-only option for mounting. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Add an unmount mode. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Don't bypass udev in dmsetup. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Restructure filesystem label handling (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Fix missing/outdated boot configurations (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Cleanup sed statements (fgrose)
- Disable 64bit feature in mke2fs for syslinux>=6.03 (yturgema)

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