subscription-manager-migration - Migration scripts for moving to certificate based subscriptions

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Package version 1.24.2
Package release 1.fc27
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This package contains scripts that aid in moving to certificate based


Package Version Architecture Repository
subscription-manager-migration-1.24.2-1.fc27.i686.rpm 1.24.2 i686 Fedora Updates
subscription-manager-migration-1.20.1-3.fc27.x86_64.rpm 1.20.1 x86_64 Fedora
subscription-manager-migration-1.20.1-3.fc27.i686.rpm 1.20.1 i686 Fedora
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python(abi) = 3.6
rhnlib -
subscription-manager = 1.24.2-1.fc27


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subscription-manager-migration = 1.24.2-1.fc27
subscription-manager-migration(x86-64) = 1.24.2-1.fc27


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Binary Package subscription-manager-migration-1.24.2-1.fc27.x86_64.rpm
Source Package subscription-manager-1.24.2-1.fc27.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install subscription-manager-migration rpm package:

# dnf install subscription-manager-migration




2018-11-05 - Christopher Snyder <> 1.24.2-1
- 1645205: Do not update ent certs inside containers (
- 1633304: Disable zypper product-id plugin. (
- Fedora documentation guidelines favor global over define. (
- Show installed profiles only for enabled modules (
- 1631339: Fix os.errno issue (
- Add a missing comma in test_cache (
- Add module enabled and disabled information (
- 1636381: Fix up our detection of missing org for service-level list
- 1616403: Better handling of missing locale use (
- 1636381: Handle case of nonexistant org (
- Add scripts to setup local development environment (
- 1633380: Add syspurpose compliance status cache - Altered the syspurpose
compliance status connection call to use the
/consumers/{uuid}/purpose_compliance API instead of fetching the consumer
object and reading the syspurpose compliance field off of it. - Added new
syspurpose compliance status cache saved in
/var/lib/rhsm/cache/syspurpose_compliance_status.json similar to the
entitlement status cache. - When the server is unreachable, we don't
traceback, but rather use the new cache value instead. (
- 1639625: Tolerate server missing syspurpose fields (
- 1639086: Fix vendor comparison (
- Includes the installed module profiles (
- 1623390: Fix unregistered messaging in syspurpose (
- 1637183: Replace redhat-uep.pem properly (
- 1632797: Only save SLA set during register or attach if specified
- Updated how syspurpose handles unsetting values (
- Update man page for report_package_profile option (
- Automatic commit of package [subscription-manager] release [1.24.1-1].
- 1616366: Use LANG from environment (
- syspurpose no longer supresses JSON malformation errors (
- Rename zypper plugin to rhsm (
- 1632384: Sync SLA regardless of capability: (
- 1621783: Updated syspurpose fields to match expected values (
- 1632248: User should be able to set/unset while not registered
- 1633575: Update error message when syspurpose is not supported by server
- 1614925: Fix grammar (

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