arcem - Highly portable Acorn Archimedes emulator

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 27
Repository RPM Fusion Free x86_64
Package name arcem
Package version 1.50.2
Package release 2.fc27
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Installed size 2.28 MB
Download size 409.94 KB
Official Mirror
ArcEm is a Acorn Archimedes A400 hardware emulator that is highly portable. As
it's a hardware emulator it's capable of running multiple operating systems
including RISC OS 3.XX and ARM Linux. ArcEm requires either a RISC OS 3.XX or
ARM Linux ROM to fully function. Only the Linux ROM can be legally included.


Package Version Architecture Repository
arcem-1.50.2-2.fc27.i686.rpm 1.50.2 i686 RPM Fusion Free
arcem - - -


Name Value
hicolor-icon-theme - - - - - -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -
xorg-x11-apps -


Name Value
application() -
application(arcem.desktop) -
arcem = 1.50.2-2.fc27
arcem(x86-64) = 1.50.2-2.fc27
metainfo() -
metainfo(arcem.appdata.xml) -


Type URL
Binary Package arcem-1.50.2-2.fc27.x86_64.rpm
Source Package arcem-1.50.2-2.fc27.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest rpmfusion-free-release-stable rpm from
  2. Install rpmfusion-free-release-stable rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh rpmfusion-free-release-stable*rpm
  3. Install arcem rpm package:
    # dnf install arcem




2017-08-31 - RPM Fusion Release Engineering <> - 1.50.2-2
- Rebuilt for
2017-06-11 - Andrea Musuruane <> - 1.50.2-1
- Updated to 1.50.2
2017-03-18 - RPM Fusion Release Engineering <> - 1.50.1-2
- Rebuilt for
2016-01-05 - Andrea Musuruane <> - 1.50.1-1
- Updated to 1.50.1
- Added appdata thanks to Richard Hughes
- Spec file clean up
2014-08-30 - Sérgio Basto <> - 1.50-3
- Rebuilt for
2013-10-28 - Andrea Musuruane <> 1.50-2
- Dropped desktop vendor tag for F19+
- Dropped cleaning at the beginning of %install
2013-01-02 - Andrea Musuruane <> 1.50-1
- Updated to 1.50
- Specfile update and cleanup
- Dropped archs no longer supported by Fedora/RPM Fusion
- Used MacOS X icns instead of the Windows ico
2012-02-08 - Nicolas Chauvet <> - 1.10-6.cvs_20070611
- Rebuilt for
2009-03-29 - Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora [AT] leemhuis [DOT] info> - 1.10-5.cvs_20070611
- rebuild for new F11 features
2008-07-29 - Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora [AT] leemhuis [DOT] info - 1.10-4.cvs_20070611
- rebuild for buildsys cflags issue

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