php-sabre-event5 - Lightweight library for event-based programming

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 28
Repository Fedora Updates i386
Package name php-sabre-event5
Package version 5.0.3
Package release 1.fc28
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 53.89 KB
Download size 22.81 KB
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This library provides the following event-based concepts:
* EventEmitter.
* Promises.
* An event loop.
* Co-routines.
Full documentation can be found on
Autoloader: /usr/share/php/Sabre/Event5/autoload.php


Package Version Architecture Repository
php-sabre-event5-5.0.3-1.fc28.remi.noarch.rpm 5.0.3 noarch Les RPM de Remi
php-sabre-event5-5.0.3-1.fc28.remi.noarch.rpm 5.0.3 noarch Les RPM de Remi
php-sabre-event5-5.0.3-1.fc28.noarch.rpm 5.0.3 noarch Fedora Updates
php-sabre-event5-5.0.2-1.fc28.remi.noarch.rpm 5.0.2 noarch Les RPM de Remi
php-sabre-event5-5.0.2-1.fc28.remi.noarch.rpm 5.0.2 noarch Les RPM de Remi
php-sabre-event5 - - -


Name Value
php(language) >= 7.0
php-composer(fedora/autoloader) -
php-spl -


Name Value
php-composer(sabre/event) = 5.0.3
php-sabre-event5 = 5.0.3-1.fc28


Type URL
Binary Package php-sabre-event5-5.0.3-1.fc28.noarch.rpm
Source Package php-sabre-event5-5.0.3-1.fc28.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install php-sabre-event5 rpm package:

# dnf install php-sabre-event5




2018-03-05 - Remi Collet <> - 5.0.3-1
- Update to 5.0.3
- sources from git snapshot
2017-10-21 - Remi Collet <> - 5.0.2-1
- rename to php-sabre-event5
- update to 5.0.2
- raise dependency on PHP 7.0
2016-10-29 - Remi Collet <> - 2.0.2-3
- switch from symfony/class-loader to fedora/autoloader
2015-07-20 - Remi Collet <> - 2.0.2-1
- update to 2.0.2
- add autoloader
2014-06-13 - Remi Collet <> - 1.0.1-1
- update to 1.0.1
- add provides php-composer(sabre/event)
- change url to
2013-12-31 - Remi Collet <> - 1.0.0-1
- Initial packaging

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