python3-vips - Python 3 support for vips

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 28
Repository Fedora Updates i386
Package name python3-vips
Package version 8.6.5
Package release 3.fc28
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size 70.05 KB
Download size 40.77 KB
Official Mirror
The vips-python3 package contains Python 3 support for VIPS.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python3-vips-8.7.4-1.fc28.remi.i686.rpm 8.7.4 i686 Les RPM de Remi
python3-vips-8.7.4-1.fc28.remi.x86_64.rpm 8.7.4 x86_64 Les RPM de Remi
python3-vips-8.7.3-1.fc28.remi.i686.rpm 8.7.3 i686 Les RPM de Remi
python3-vips-8.7.3-1.fc28.remi.x86_64.rpm 8.7.3 x86_64 Les RPM de Remi
python3-vips-8.6.5-3.fc28.x86_64.rpm 8.6.5 x86_64 Fedora Updates
python3-vips-8.6.2-4.fc28.x86_64.rpm 8.6.2 x86_64 Fedora
python3-vips-8.6.2-4.fc28.i686.rpm 8.6.2 i686 Fedora
python3-vips - - -


Name Value
python(abi) = 3.6
python3-gobject base
vips(x86-32) = 8.6.5-3.fc28


Name Value
python3-vips = 8.6.5-3.fc28
python3-vips(x86-32) = 8.6.5-3.fc28
vips-python3 = 8.6.5-3.fc28
vips-python3(x86-32) = 8.6.5-3.fc28


Name Value
vips-python3 < 8.4.4-6


Type URL
Binary Package python3-vips-8.6.5-3.fc28.i686.rpm
Source Package vips-8.6.5-3.fc28.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python3-vips rpm package:

# dnf install python3-vips




See vips-8.6.5-3.fc28.i686.rpm changelog.

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