texlive-cmsd - Interfaces to the CM Sans Serif Bold fonts

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Distribution Fedora 28
Repository Fedora Updates i386
Package name texlive-cmsd
Package version svn18787.0
Package release 52.fc28.2
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 10.70 KB
Download size 40.86 KB
Official Mirror download-ib01.fedoraproject.org
Thr purpose of the package is to provide an alternative
interface to the CM Sans Serif boldface fonts. The EC (T1,
Cork) encoded versions of the 'CM Sans Serif boldface extended'
fonts differ considerably from the traditionally (OT1) encoded
ones: at large sizes, >10pt, they have thinner strokes and are
much wider. At 25pt they are hardly to be recognized as being
'boldface'. This package attempts to make these T1 fonts look
like the traditional ones did. You do not need any new fonts;
the package just changes the way LaTeX makes use of the current


Package Version Architecture Repository
texlive-cmsd-svn18787.0-52.fc28.2.noarch.rpm svn18787.0 noarch Fedora Updates
texlive-cmsd-svn18787.0-42.fc28.2.noarch.rpm svn18787.0 noarch Fedora
texlive-cmsd-svn18787.0-42.fc28.2.noarch.rpm svn18787.0 noarch Fedora
texlive-cmsd - - -


Name Value
tex-kpathsea -
texlive-base -
texlive-kpathsea-bin -


Name Value
tex(cmsd.sty) = 2016
tex(t1cmsd.fd) = 2016
tex(ts1cmsd.fd) = 2016
tex-cmsd = 2016
texlive-cmsd = svn18787.0-52.fc28.2


Type URL
Binary Package texlive-cmsd-svn18787.0-52.fc28.2.noarch.rpm
Source Package texlive-2016-52.20160520.fc28.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install texlive-cmsd rpm package:

# dnf install texlive-cmsd




See texlive-2016-52.20160520.fc28.noarch.rpm changelog.

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