texlive-lecturer - On-screen presentations for (almost) all formats

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Distribution Fedora 28
Repository Fedora Updates i386
Package filename texlive-lecturer-svn23916.0-52.fc28.2.noarch.rpm
Package name texlive-lecturer
Package version svn23916.0
Package release 52.fc28.2
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Applications/Publishing
Homepage http://tug.org/texlive/
License LPPL
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The package creates slides for on-screen presentations based on
PDF features without manipulating TeX's typesetting process.
The presentation flow relies on PDF's abilities to display
content step by step. Features include: Free positioning of
anything anywhere in painted areas on the slide, as well as in
the main textblock; Numerous attributes to control the layout
and the presentation flow, from TeX's primitive dimensions to
the visibility of steps; Feature inheritance from global to
local settings, with intermediate types; Basic drawing
facilities to produce symbols, e.g., for list items or buttons;
Colours, transparency, shades, and pictures; Navigation with
links, pop-up menus, and customizable bookmarks; Easy switch
between presentation and handout; and PDF transitions. Besides
the traditional documentation, the distribution includes visual
documentation and six demo presentations ranging from geometric
abstraction to classic style to silly video game. Lecturer is
designed to work with all formats, but presently fails with
ConTeXt MkIV (because of clashes in management of PDF objects,
probably), works only with pdfTeX and LuaTeX for the time
being, and requires texapi and yax, both v.1.02.


Package Version Architecture Repository
texlive-lecturer-svn23916.0-52.fc28.2.noarch.rpm svn23916.0 noarch Fedora Updates
texlive-lecturer-svn23916.0-42.fc28.2.noarch.rpm svn23916.0 noarch Fedora
texlive-lecturer-svn23916.0-42.fc28.2.noarch.rpm svn23916.0 noarch Fedora
texlive-lecturer - - -


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tex-kpathsea -
texlive-base -
texlive-kpathsea-bin -


Name Value
tex(lecturer.sty) = 2016
tex(lecturer.tex) = 2016
tex(ltr-areas.tex) = 2016
tex(ltr-graphics.tex) = 2016
tex(ltr-job.tex) = 2016
tex(ltr-navigation.tex) = 2016
tex(ltr-slides.tex) = 2016
tex(ltr-steps.tex) = 2016
tex(t-lecturer.tex) = 2016
tex-lecturer = 2016
texlive-lecturer = svn23916.0-52.fc28.2


Type URL
Mirror download-ib01.fedoraproject.org
Binary Package texlive-lecturer-svn23916.0-52.fc28.2.noarch.rpm
Source Package texlive-2016-52.20160520.fc28.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install texlive-lecturer rpm package:

# dnf install texlive-lecturer




2018-08-13 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-52.20160520
- update and cleanup hyperref package (bz1436737)
2018-07-10 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-51.20160520
- remove Provides: tex(textcase.sty) from revtex4 (used to live there, now it is in textcase)
2018-07-07 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-50.20160520
- fix updmap-map to reflect newtx changes so we do not have to regen in scriptlets (long and confusing)
2018-07-02 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-49.20160520
- update newtxsf
- correct provides in newtx
2018-06-19 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-48.20160520
- add fvextra
2018-06-07 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-47.20160520
- add baekmuk
2018-06-04 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-46.20160520
- add arphic-ttf
2018-05-22 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-45.20160520
- update cleveref
2018-05-14 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-44.20160520
- drop preview bits, provided by emacs-auctex
- update newtx to resolve (bz1469443)
2018-03-09 - Tom Callaway <spot@fedoraproject.org> 6:2016-43.20160520
- Remove the parts that are now in texlive-base
- drop dependency on cjk-gs-integrate (is not being included in F28+)

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