mariadb-errmsg - The error messages files required by server and embedded

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 28
Repository Fedora Updates x86_64
Package name mariadb-errmsg
Package version 10.2.19
Package release 1.fc28
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size 2.25 MB
Download size 227.95 KB
Official Mirror
The package provides error messages files for the MariaDB daemon and the
embedded server. You will need to install this package to use any of those
MariaDB packages.


Package Version Architecture Repository
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.19-2.fc28.i686.rpm 10.2.19 i686 Fedora Updates Testing
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.19-2.fc28.i686.rpm 10.2.19 i686 Fedora Updates Testing
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.19-2.fc28.x86_64.rpm 10.2.19 x86_64 Fedora Updates Testing
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.19-1.fc28.x86_64.rpm 10.2.19 x86_64 Fedora Updates
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.19-1.fc28.i686.rpm 10.2.19 i686 Fedora Updates
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.14-1.fc28.x86_64.rpm 10.2.14 x86_64 Fedora
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.14-1.fc28.i686.rpm 10.2.14 i686 Fedora
mariadb-errmsg-10.2.14-1.fc28.i686.rpm 10.2.14 i686 Fedora
mariadb-errmsg - - -


Name Value
mariadb-common(x86-32) = 10.2.19-1.fc28


Name Value
mariadb-errmsg = 10.2.19-1.fc28
mariadb-errmsg(x86-32) = 10.2.19-1.fc28


Type URL
Binary Package mariadb-errmsg-10.2.19-1.fc28.i686.rpm
Source Package mariadb-10.2.19-1.fc28.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install mariadb-errmsg rpm package:

# dnf install mariadb-errmsg




2018-11-14 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.19-1
- Rebase to 10.2.19
- CVEs fixed:
CVE-2018-3282 CVE-2016-9843 CVE-2018-3174 CVE-2018-3143 CVE-2018-3156
CVE-2018-3251 CVE-2018-3185 CVE-2018-3277 CVE-2018-3162 CVE-2018-3173
CVE-2018-3200 CVE-2018-3284
2018-10-19 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.18-2
- Fix parallel installability for x86_64 and i686 devel packages on F<=27
2018-09-26 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.18-1
- Rebase to 10.2.18
2018-09-04 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.17-2
- Fix parallel installability of x86_64 and i686 devel packages
2018-08-20 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.17-1
- Rebase to 10.2.17
- CVEs fixed: #1602428
CVE-2018-3060 CVE-2018-3064 CVE-2018-3063 CVE-2018-3058 CVE-2018-3066
- CVEs fixed: #1564966
- CVEs fixed: #1616261
2018-06-30 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.16-1
- Rebase to 10.2.16
MyRocks is now Stable (GA)
2018-06-05 - Honza Horak <> - 3:10.2.15-2
- Use mysqladmin for checking the socket
- Jemalloc dependency moved to the TokuDB subpackage.
CMake jemalloc option removed, not used anymore.
The server doesn't need jemalloc since 10.2:
- Build MariaDB with TokuDB without Jemalloc.
2018-05-23 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.15-1
- Rebase to 10.2.15
- CVEs fixed: #1568962
CVE-2018-2755 CVE-2018-2761 CVE-2018-2766 CVE-2018-2771 CVE-2018-2781
CVE-2018-2782 CVE-2018-2784 CVE-2018-2787 CVE-2018-2813 CVE-2018-2817
CVE-2018-2819 CVE-2018-2786 CVE-2018-2759 CVE-2018-2777 CVE-2018-2810
2018-03-29 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.14-1
- Rebase to 10.2.14
- Update testsuite run for SSL self signed certificates
2018-03-06 - Michal Schorm <> - 3:10.2.13-2
- Further fix of ldconfig scriptlets for F27
- Fix hardcoded paths, move unversioned libraries and symlinks to the devel subpackage

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