cassandra-cpp-driver - DataStax C/C++ Driver for Apache Cassandra

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 28
Repository Les RPM de Remi i386
Package name cassandra-cpp-driver
Package version 2.10.0
Package release 1.fc28.remi
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
Installed size 3.32 MB
Download size 752.73 KB
Official Mirror
DataStax C/C++ Driver for Apache Cassandra.
A modern, feature-rich, and highly tunable C/C++ client library for
Apache Cassandra (1.2+) and DataStax Enterprise (3.1+) using exclusively
Cassandra's native protocol and Cassandra Query Language v3.


Package Version Architecture Repository
cassandra-cpp-driver-2.11.0-1.fc28.remi.i686.rpm 2.11.0 i686 Les RPM de Remi
cassandra-cpp-driver-2.11.0-1.fc28.remi.x86_64.rpm 2.11.0 x86_64 Les RPM de Remi
cassandra-cpp-driver-2.10.0-1.fc28.remi.x86_64.rpm 2.10.0 x86_64 Les RPM de Remi
cassandra-cpp-driver - - -


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Name Value
cassandra-cpp-driver = 2.10.0-1.fc28.remi
cassandra-cpp-driver(x86-32) = 2.10.0-1.fc28.remi -


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Binary Package cassandra-cpp-driver-2.10.0-1.fc28.remi.i686.rpm
Source Package cassandra-cpp-driver-2.10.0-1.fc28.remi.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest remi-release rpm from
  2. Install remi-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh remi-release*rpm
  3. Install cassandra-cpp-driver rpm package:
    # dnf --enablerepo=remi install cassandra-cpp-driver




2018-10-10 - Remi Collet <> - 2.10.0-1
- update to 2.10.0
2018-09-10 - Remi Collet <> - 2.10.0~beta1-1
- update to 2.10.0-beta1
- bump dependency on libuv 1.0
2018-04-17 - Remi Collet <> - 2.9.0-1
- update to 2.9.0

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