floppy-support - Load floppy driver at boot time

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 29
Repository Fedora i386
Package filename floppy-support-1.0.0-17.fc29.noarch.rpm
Package name floppy-support
Package version 1.0.0
Package release 17.fc29
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category System Environment/Kernel
Homepage -
License MIT
Maintainer -
Download size 7.77 KB
Installed size 7 B
By default the floppy driver is not loaded at boot time. Installing this
package will load the floppy driver as part of the install and will set
things so that it will be loaded during future boots. While the floppy
driver is currently in kernel-modules, it may move to kernel-modules-extra
in the future, and if so this package will bring that in.


Package Version Architecture Repository
floppy-support-1.0.0-17.fc29.noarch.rpm 1.0.0 noarch Fedora
floppy-support - - -


Name Value
kmod(floppy.ko) -
module-init-tools -
systemd -


Name Value
floppy-support = 1.0.0-17.fc29


Type URL
Mirror download-ib01.fedoraproject.org
Binary Package floppy-support-1.0.0-17.fc29.noarch.rpm
Source Package floppy-support-1.0.0-17.fc29.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install floppy-support rpm package:

# dnf install floppy-support




2018-07-13 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.0.0-17
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_29_Mass_Rebuild
2018-02-07 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.0.0-16
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_28_Mass_Rebuild
2017-07-26 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.0.0-15
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Mass_Rebuild
2017-06-29 - Dan HorĂ¡k <dan[at]danny.cz> - 1.0.0-14
- kmod(floppy.ko) is also not available on s390x
2017-06-28 - Till Maas <opensource@till.name> - 1.0.0-13
- kmod(floppy.ko) is also not available on aarch64
2017-02-10 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.0.0-12
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_26_Mass_Rebuild

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