gdb-doc - Documentation for GDB (the GNU source-level debugger)

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Distribution Fedora 29
Repository Fedora i386
Package filename gdb-doc-8.2-3.fc29.noarch.rpm
Package name gdb-doc
Package version 8.2
Package release 3.fc29
Package architecture noarch
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Category Documentation
License GFDL
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GDB, the GNU debugger, allows you to debug programs written in C, C++,
Java, and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion
and printing their data.
This package provides INFO, HTML and PDF user manual for GDB.


Package Version Architecture Repository
gdb-doc-8.2-7.fc29.noarch.rpm 8.2 noarch Fedora Updates
gdb-doc-8.2-7.fc29.noarch.rpm 8.2 noarch Fedora Updates
gdb-doc-8.2-3.fc29.noarch.rpm 8.2 noarch Fedora
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gdb-doc = 8.2-3.fc29


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Binary Package gdb-doc-8.2-3.fc29.noarch.rpm
Source Package gdb-8.2-3.fc29.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gdb-doc rpm package:

# dnf install gdb-doc




2018-10-04 - Jan Kratochvil <> - 8.2-3.fc29
- Fix annobin complaints (RH BZ 1630564):
--without-stage1-ldflags: Disable static libstdc++ and libgcc linking.
--disable-libmcheck: That is a distro-level decision, not package decision.
2018-09-06 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> - 8.2-2.fc29
- Backport "Use pulongest in aarch64-linux-tdep.c" (Tom Tromey),
needed to unbreak the compilation on 32-bit architectures.
2018-09-05 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> - 8.2-1.fc29
- Rebase to FSF GDB 8.2.
- Backport "Indicate batch mode failures by exiting with nonzero status"
(Gary Benson, RH BZ 1491128).
2018-08-28 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> -
- Rebase to FSF GDB (8.2pre).
2018-08-21 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> -
- Enable verbose output when running "make".
2018-08-09 - Jan Kratochvil <> -
- Add GDB support to access/display POWER8 registers (IBM, RH BZ 1187581).
2018-08-09 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> -
- Reenable libipt.
2018-08-08 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> -
- Again, temporarily disable libipt (needed to upgrade libipt to 2.0).
2018-08-08 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> -
- Reenable libipt.
- Rebuild due to new libipt release.
- Adjust bundled libipt; remove unnecessary patch.
- Sync IPv6 patch with F-28 GDB.
2018-08-08 - Sergio Durigan Junior <> -
- Temporarily disable libipt (needed to upgrade libipt to 2.0).

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