geoipupdate-cron6 - Cron job to do weekly updates of GeoIP IPv6 databases

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 29
Repository Fedora i386
Package filename geoipupdate-cron6-3.1.1-1.fc29.noarch.rpm
Package name geoipupdate-cron6
Package version 3.1.1
Package release 1.fc29
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
License GPLv2
Maintainer -
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Cron job for weekly updates to GeoIP IPv6 Legacy database from MaxMind.


Package Version Architecture Repository
geoipupdate-cron6-3.1.1-1.fc29.noarch.rpm 3.1.1 noarch Fedora
geoipupdate-cron6 - - -


Name Value
/usr/bin/perl -
crontabs -
geoipupdate = 3.1.1-1.fc29
perl(File::Copy) -
perl(File::Spec) -
perl(LWP::Simple) -
perl(PerlIO::gzip) -
perl(strict) -
wget -


Name Value
GeoIP-update6 = 1.6.0
config(geoipupdate-cron6) = 3.1.1-1.fc29
geoipupdate-cron6 = 3.1.1-1.fc29


Name Value
GeoIP-update6 < 1.6.0


Type URL
Binary Package geoipupdate-cron6-3.1.1-1.fc29.noarch.rpm
Source Package geoipupdate-3.1.1-1.fc29.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install geoipupdate-cron6 rpm package:

# dnf --refresh install geoipupdate-cron6




2018-09-11 - Paul Howarth <> - 3.1.1-1
- Update to 3.1.1
- Allow parsing of license keys longer than 12 characters
2018-08-17 - Paul Howarth <> - 3.1.0-1
- Update to 3.1.0
Changes in version 3.0.0:
- BREAKING CHANGE: When downloading the free databases without a MaxMind
account, you must either not have 'AccountID', 'UserId', or 'LicenseKey'
set in your configuration file or they must be set to the zero values
previously recommended in our documentation; any other value will cause an
authorization error
- BREAKING CHANGE: The configuration options 'Protocol',
'SkipPeerVerification', and `SkipHostnameVerification` are no longer
supported; if they are present in the configuration file, they will be
ignored - HTTPS with peer and hostname verification will be used on all
- BREAKING CHANGE: The configuration file must have the 'AccountID' or the
deprecated 'UserId' when downloading a paid database; previously, when
downloading the GeoIP Legacy Country database, you were able to only
provide the 'LicenseKey'
- IMPORTANT: '' has been removed and will no longer be
distributed with 'geoipupdate'; this Perl script had known issues and did
not have feature parity with the C implementation
- This program no longer uses the following endpoints:
'/app/update_getipaddr', '/app/update', and '/app/update_secure';
'/geoip/databases/{edition_id}/update' is now used instead
- Fixed issue in 'gu_strnlen()' dereferencing a pointer before checking that
it was in array bounds
- We now update the default GeoIP.conf during installation so that directory
paths match build parameters; previously this config always said the data
directory was under /usr/local/share which was not always accurate
- Improve the error checking and display the underlying reason for the error
when possible (GH#82)
- Document that the 'LockFile' is not removed from the filesystem after a
successful exit from the program (GH#79)
- Make default configuration directory agree with default installation
Changes in version 3.0.1:
- When there were no updates available, 3.0.0 incorrectly returned an exit
code of 1 instead of 0; this release reverts to the pre-3.0.0 behavior,
returning an exit code of 0 in this case
Changes in version 3.1.0:
- This version restores the ability to use the 'AccountID'/'UserId' 999999
along with an all-zero license key when downloading free databases;
however, the use of this combination is not recommended and may break in
future versions
- When printing verbose output, only the first four characters of the
'LicenseKey' will now be displayed
2018-07-13 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.5.0-3
- Rebuilt for
2018-02-07 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.5.0-2
- Rebuilt for
2017-10-31 - Paul Howarth <> - 2.5.0-1
- Update to 2.5.0
- Replace use of strnlen() due to lack of universal availability (GH#71)
- Document the 'LockFile' option in the 'GeoIP.conf' man page (GH#64)
- Remove unused base64 library (GH#68)
- Add the new configuration option 'PreserveFileTimes'; if set, the
downloaded files will get the same modification times as their original on
the server (default is '0') (GH#63)
- Use the correct types when calling 'curl_easy_setopt()'; this fixes
warnings generated by libcurl's 'typecheck-gcc.h' (GH#61)
- In 'GeoIP.conf', the 'UserId' option was renamed to 'AccountID' and the
'ProductIds' option was renamed to 'EditionIDs'; the old options will
continue to work, but upgrading to the new names is recommended for
forward compatibility
2017-08-02 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.4.0-3
- Rebuilt for

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