freeipa-client-common - Common files used by IPA client

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Distribution Fedora 29
Repository Fedora Updates i386
Package filename freeipa-client-common-4.7.3-2.fc29.noarch.rpm
Package name freeipa-client-common
Package version 4.7.3
Package release 2.fc29
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category System Environment/Base
License GPLv3+
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IPA is an integrated solution to provide centrally managed Identity (users,
hosts, services), Authentication (SSO, 2FA), and Authorization
(host access control, SELinux user roles, services). The solution provides
features for further integration with Linux based clients (SUDO, automount)
and integration with Active Directory based infrastructures (Trusts).
If your network uses IPA for authentication, this package should be
installed on every client machine.


Package Version Architecture Repository
freeipa-client-common-4.7.3-2.fc29.noarch.rpm 4.7.3 noarch Fedora Updates
freeipa-client-common-4.7.0-3.fc29.noarch.rpm 4.7.0 noarch Fedora
freeipa-client-common-4.7.0-3.fc29.noarch.rpm 4.7.0 noarch Fedora
freeipa-client-common - - -


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config(freeipa-client-common) = 4.7.3-2.fc29
freeipa-client-common = 4.7.3-2.fc29
ipa-client-common = 4.7.3


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ipa-client-common -


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ipa-client-common < 4.7.3


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Binary Package freeipa-client-common-4.7.3-2.fc29.noarch.rpm
Source Package freeipa-4.7.3-2.fc29.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install freeipa-client-common rpm package:

# dnf install freeipa-client-common




2019-08-16 - Alexander Bokovoy <> - 4.7.3-2
- Restore SELinux context for p11-kit softhsm2 module override
- Resolves: rhbz#1710607
2019-07-31 - Alexander Bokovoy <> - 4.7.3-1
- Upstream release FreeIPA 4.7.3
2019-02-19 - Alexander Bokovoy <> - 4.7.2-1.1
- Merge fixes from Fedora 30 (fixes #1678793)
- Fix FTBS due to Samba having removed talloc_strackframe.h and memory.h (#1678670)
- Fix CA setup when fs.protected_regular=1 (#1677027)
- Fix compile issues after a mass rebuild using upstream patches
2018-12-04 - Alexander Bokovoy <> - 4.7.2-1
- Upstream release FreeIPA 4.7.2
- ipa-replica-prepare is removed as Domain Level 0 is not supported anymore
2018-11-28 - Adam Williamson <> - 4.7.0-5
- Update PR #2610 patch to tiran's modified version
2018-11-27 - Adam Williamson <> - 4.7.0-4
- Backport PR #2610 to fix for authselect 1.0.2+ (see #1645708)
2018-09-04 - Thomas Woerner <> - 4.7.0-3
- Force generation of aclocal.m4 and configuration scripts
- Fix only client build for Fedora>=28 and RHEL>7
- Bring back special patch handling for Fedora
2018-09-03 - Thomas Woerner <> - 4.7.0-2
- Restore SELinux context of session_dir /etc/httpd/alias (pagure#7662)
- Restore SELinux context of template_dir /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-X (pagure#7662)
- Add "389-ds-base-legacy-tools" to requires
- Refactor os-release and platform information (#1609475)
- Don't check for systemd service (#1609475)
- Switched to upstream spec file with small adaptions
2018-07-26 - Thomas Woerner <> - 4.7.0-1
- Update to upstream 4.7.0
- New BuildRequires for nodejs and uglify-js
- New Requires for 389-ds-base-legacy-tools in server (RHBZ#1606541)
- Do not build python2-ipaserver and python2-ipatests for Fedora 29 and up
- Do not build any python2 packages for Fedora 30
- Added ipatest man pages to python3-ipatests packages also
- Added ipatest bindir links to python3-ipatests for Fedora up to 28
- Dropped explicit copy of freeipa.template, install is doing this now
- Added upstream fix: (f3faecb) Fix $-style format string in ipa_ldap_init
- Added upstream fix: (4b592fe,1a7baa2) Added reason to raise of errors.NotFound
2018-07-16 - Alexander Bokovoy <> - 4.6.90.pre2-11
- Use version-aware macros for Python

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