OpenCoarrays - An open-source Fortran Coarrays implementation for gfortran

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Distribution Fedora 29
Repository Fedora Updates x86_64
Package name OpenCoarrays
Package version 2.3.1
Package release 1.fc29
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
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OpenCoarrays is an open-source software project that produces an
application binary interface (ABI) used by the GNU Compiler Collection
(GCC) Fortran front-end to build executable programs that leverage the
parallel programming features of the Fortran 2018 Draft International


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OpenCoarrays-2.3.1-1.fc29.i686.rpm 2.3.1 i686 Fedora Updates
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OpenCoarrays = 2.3.1-1.fc29
OpenCoarrays(x86-64) = 2.3.1-1.fc29


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Binary Package OpenCoarrays-2.3.1-1.fc29.x86_64.rpm
Source Package OpenCoarrays-2.3.1-1.fc29.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install OpenCoarrays rpm package:

# dnf install OpenCoarrays




2018-08-31 - Susi Lehtola <> - 2.3.1-1
- Update to 2.3.1.
2018-08-31 - Susi Lehtola <> - 2.2.0-3
- Exclude s390x architecture since tests fail and upstream does not want it.
2018-08-23 - Susi Lehtola <> - 2.2.0-2
- Drop ISO_Fortran_bindings build requirement.
2018-08-16 - Susi Lehtola <> - 2.2.0-1
- Split off ISO_Fortran_bindings as it is now a separate project.
- Update to 2.2.0.
2018-07-01 - Susi Lehtola <> - 2.1.0-1
- Update to 2.1.0.
2018-03-28 - Susi Lehtola <> - 2.0.0-2
- Disable support for failed images.
2018-03-27 - Susi Lehtola <> - 2.0.0-1
- Initial release.

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