perl-Data-Validate-Domain - Domain validation methods Perl module

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Distribution Fedora 29
Repository Fedora x86_64
Package filename perl-Data-Validate-Domain-0.14-7.fc29.noarch.rpm
Package name perl-Data-Validate-Domain
Package version 0.14
Package release 7.fc29
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries
License GPL+ or Artistic
Maintainer -
Download size 24.93 KB
Installed size 41.81 KB
This module collects domain validation routines to make input validation, and
untainting easier and more readable.
All functions return an untainted value if the test passes, and undef if it
fails. This means that you should always check for a defined status explicitly.
Don't assume the return will be true. (e.g. is_username('0'))
The value to test is always the first (and often only) argument.


Package Version Architecture Repository
perl-Data-Validate-Domain-0.14-7.fc29.noarch.rpm 0.14 noarch Fedora
perl-Data-Validate-Domain - - -


Name Value
perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.28.0) -
perl(Exporter) -
perl(Net::Domain::TLD) >= 1.74
perl(strict) -
perl(warnings) -


Name Value
perl(Data::Validate::Domain) = 0.14
perl-Data-Validate-Domain = 0.14-7.fc29


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Binary Package perl-Data-Validate-Domain-0.14-7.fc29.noarch.rpm
Source Package perl-Data-Validate-Domain-0.14-7.fc29.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install perl-Data-Validate-Domain rpm package:

# dnf --refresh install perl-Data-Validate-Domain




2018-07-13 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.14-7
- Rebuilt for
2018-06-28 - Jitka Plesnikova <> - 0.14-6
- Perl 5.28 rebuild
2018-02-08 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.14-5
- Rebuilt for
2017-07-27 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.14-4
- Rebuilt for
2017-06-05 - Jitka Plesnikova <> - 0.14-3
- Perl 5.26 rebuild
2017-02-11 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.14-2
- Rebuilt for
2016-08-31 - Jitka Plesnikova <> - 0.14-1
- 0.14 bump
2016-08-01 - Jitka Plesnikova <> - 0.12-1
- 0.12 bump

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