ptrash - Move file(s) to $XDG_DATA_HOME/Trash directory

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 29
Repository Fedora x86_64
Package filename ptrash-1.1-6.fc29.x86_64.rpm
Package name ptrash
Package version 1.1
Package release 6.fc29
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category Applications/System
License GPLv2+
Maintainer -
Download size 28.45 KB
Installed size 55.15 KB
Ptrash moves the named file(s) to the Trash directory. Trash is located
under $XDG_DATA_HOME directory as defined by the Trash specification.[*]
It is a simple console based utility, I wrote after deleting some files,
which I couldn't retrieve back. Ptrash can also restore file(s) back to there
original location.


Package Version Architecture Repository
ptrash-1.1-6.fc29.i686.rpm 1.1 i686 Fedora
ptrash - - -


Name Value
info - -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


Name Value
ptrash = 1.1-6.fc29
ptrash(x86-64) = 1.1-6.fc29


Type URL
Binary Package ptrash-1.1-6.fc29.x86_64.rpm
Source Package ptrash-1.1-6.fc29.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install ptrash rpm package:

# dnf --refresh install ptrash




2018-07-13 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.1-6
- Rebuilt for
2018-02-09 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.1-5
- Rebuilt for
2017-08-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.1-4
- Rebuilt for
2017-07-27 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.1-3
- Rebuilt for
2017-02-11 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.1-2
- Rebuilt for
2016-10-01 - pjp <> - 1.1-1
- Support Desktop Trash specification BZ#1154282

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