anaconda-install-env-deps - Installation environment specific dependencies

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 30
Repository Fedora i386
Package filename anaconda-install-env-deps-30.25.6-2.fc30.i686.rpm
Package name anaconda-install-env-deps
Package version 30.25.6
Package release 2.fc30
Package architecture i686
Package type rpm
License GPLv2+ and MIT
Maintainer -
Download size 92.32 KB
Installed size unknown
The anaconda-install-env-deps metapackage lists all installation environment dependencies.
This makes it possible for packages (such as Initial Setup) to depend on the main Anaconda package without
pulling in all the install time dependencies as well.


Package Version Architecture Repository
anaconda-install-env-deps-30.25.6-4.fc30.x86_64.rpm 30.25.6 x86_64 Fedora Updates
anaconda-install-env-deps-30.25.6-4.fc30.i686.rpm 30.25.6 i686 Fedora Updates
anaconda-install-env-deps-30.25.6-2.fc30.x86_64.rpm 30.25.6 x86_64 Fedora
anaconda-install-env-deps - - -


Name Value
createrepo_c -
fcoe-utils >= 1.0.12-3.20100323git
gdb -
hfsplus-tools -
isomd5sum >= 1.0.10
kexec-tools -
libblockdev-plugins-all >= 2.1
realmd -
rsync -
tmux -
udisks2-iscsi -


Name Value
anaconda-install-env-deps = 30.25.6-2.fc30
anaconda-install-env-deps(x86-32) = 30.25.6-2.fc30


Type URL
Binary Package anaconda-install-env-deps-30.25.6-2.fc30.i686.rpm
Source Package anaconda-30.25.6-2.fc30.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install anaconda-install-env-deps rpm package:

# dnf install anaconda-install-env-deps


2019-04-25 - Adam Williamson <> - 30.25.6-2
- Backport PR #1955 to fix RHBZ #1703152
2019-04-11 - Martin Kolman <> - 30.25.6-1
- Extend the function generate_string_from_data (vponcova)
- Blivet-GUI should wait for the storage threads to finish (#1696478)
- network: do not pass None value from NM device object to data holder
(#1695967) (rvykydal)
- network module: add network module unit tests (rvykydal)
2019-04-09 - Martin Kolman <> - 30.25.5-1
- network: create systemd .link files for ifname= boot options (#1695894)
- Bump Workstation root partition max size to 70 GiB (klember)
- Add DBus support for finding optical media (vponcova)
- Add DBus support for handling a device (vponcova)
- Do not use ISO source as install tree root (#1691832) (jkonecny)
- Fix bad assumption about base repo identification (#1691832) (jkonecny)
- network tui: fix updating of a connection from UI (#1692677) (rvykydal)
- network: fix copying of resolv.conf for cases where target /etc does not
exist (#1695990) (rvykydal)
- network: fix crash ensuring single connections for unplugged devices
(#1695899) (rvykydal)
- Add support for skipping attributes in the string representation (vponcova)
- Raise the UnknownDeviceError exception (vponcova)
- Add DBus support for resolving devices (vponcova)
- Add DBus support for the available space (vponcova)
- Move GetRequiredDeviceSize to the device tree module (vponcova)
- Create the device tree module (vponcova)
- Don't set the __repr__ methods of data classes (vponcova)
- network: for vlan set DEVICE only if interfacename is specified in kickstart
- Change fips package requirement reason (jkonecny)
- payload: raise exception on invalid Languages (jkonecny)
- payload: Mark DefaultEnvironment API as temporary (jkonecny)
- payload: fix default values for packages section (jkonecny)
- Remove unused import for DNF (jkonecny)
- payload: add converter for kickstart groups (jkonecny)
- payload: switch multilib policy to names (jkonecny)
- payload: add rest of the DNF/Packages attributes (jkonecny)
- payload: add packages controlling properties (jkonecny)
- payload: add package groups interface to Packages (jkonecny)
- payload: adjust packages section attributes (jkonecny)
- payload: move %packages parsing to DNF/Packages (jkonecny)
- payload: add DBus packages dnf submodule (jkonecny)
- payload: add the empty DNF handler (jkonecny)
- payload: create internal Packages class (jkonecny)
- payload: parse %packages section in module (jkonecny)

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