beakerlib - A shell-level integration testing library

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Distribution Fedora 30
Repository Fedora Updates Testing i386
Package filename beakerlib-1.18-3.fc30.noarch.rpm
Package name beakerlib
Package version 1.18
Package release 3.fc30
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries
License GPLv2
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The BeakerLib project means to provide a library of various helpers, which
could be used when writing operating system level integration tests.


Package Version Architecture Repository
beakerlib-1.18-6.fc30.noarch.rpm 1.18 noarch Fedora Updates
beakerlib-1.18-6.fc30.noarch.rpm 1.18 noarch Fedora Updates
beakerlib-1.18-3.fc30.noarch.rpm 1.18 noarch Fedora Updates Testing
beakerlib-1.18-3.fc30.noarch.rpm 1.18 noarch Fedora
beakerlib-1.18-3.fc30.noarch.rpm 1.18 noarch Fedora
beakerlib - - -


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(wget or curl)
/bin/bash -
coreutils -
dnf-utils -
grep -
gzip -
iproute -
nfs-utils -
sed -
tar -
util-linux -
which -


Name Value
beakerlib = 1.18-3.fc30
config(beakerlib) = 1.18-3.fc30


Name Value
beakerlib-redhat < 1-30


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Binary Package beakerlib-1.18-3.fc30.noarch.rpm
Source Package beakerlib-1.18-3.fc30.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install beakerlib rpm package:

# dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install beakerlib




2019-04-05 - Dalibor Pospisil <> - 1.18-3
- rebase to beakerlib-1.18
- support for dnf/dnf download
- support direct systemctl call
- netstat replaced by ss
- ability to run without python (no journal.xml)
- better handling of reboots
- better handling of persistent data
- final report polishing
- better compatibility with old bash
- <prefix>LibraryDir variable pointing to the library directory for all imported libraries
- fallback to curl if wget is not available
- updated documentation
2019-01-31 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.17-20
- Rebuilt for
2018-10-25 - Dalibor Pospisil <> - 1.17-19
- fixed meta file generation
- follow url redirection when using curl
- fixed checking for python interpreter
- weak dependency on python3
- handling of missing python
- fixed srpm fetching
- fallback to curl if wget is not available
- changed requirements structure
2018-07-12 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.17-16
- Rebuilt for
2018-06-25 - Dalibor Pospisil <> - 1.17-15
- migrated to python3
- weak dependency of python3-lxml - without this the journal.xml just will not be generated
2018-02-24 - Dalibor Pospisil <> - 1.17-13
- rlRun -s now waits for output logs to be flushed, bz1361246 + bz1416796
2018-02-14 - Iryna Shcherbina <> - 1.17-12
- Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards
2018-02-09 - Igor Gnatenko <> - 1.17-11
- Escape macros in %changelog
2018-02-07 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.17-10
- Rebuilt for
2018-02-03 - Dalibor Pospisil <> - 1.17-9
- support rxvt terminal colors
- fixed persistent data load for bash version <= 4.1.2
- moved printing of final summray to rlJournalEnd
- extended coloring capabilities
- unified footer format

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