python3-utmp - Python modules for umtp records

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Distribution Fedora 30
Repository Fedora x86_64
Package filename python3-utmp-0.8.2-7.fc30.x86_64.rpm
Package name python3-utmp
Package version 0.8.2
Package release 7.fc30
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
License Copyright only
Maintainer -
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python-utmp consists of three modules, providing access to utmp records.
It is quite difficult to access utmp record portably, because every UNIX
has different structure of utmp files. Currently, python-utmp works on
platforms which provide getutent, getutid, getutline, pututline,
setutent, endutent and utmpname functions (such as GNU systems
(Linux and hurd) and System V unices) and on BSD systems using
simple utmp structure.
This is the Python 3 build of the package.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python3-utmp-0.8.2-7.fc30.i686.rpm 0.8.2 i686 Fedora
python3-utmp - - -


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python(abi) = 3.7
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


Name Value
python3-utmp = 0.8.2-7.fc30
python3-utmp(x86-64) = 0.8.2-7.fc30


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Binary Package python3-utmp-0.8.2-7.fc30.x86_64.rpm
Source Package python-utmp-0.8.2-7.fc30.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python3-utmp rpm package:

# dnf install python3-utmp




2019-02-02 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-7
- Rebuilt for
2018-07-14 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-6
- Rebuilt for
2018-06-19 - Miro HronĨok <> - 0.8.2-5
- Rebuilt for Python 3.7
2018-02-09 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-4
- Rebuilt for
2017-08-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-3
- Rebuilt for
2017-07-27 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8.2-2
- Rebuilt for
2017-06-01 - Charalampos Statakis <> - 0.8.2-1
- Update to 0.8.2
- Provide a Python 3 subpackage
2017-02-11 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.7-16
- Rebuilt for

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