anthy-unicode - Japanese character set input library for Unicode

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Package release 2.fc31
Package architecture x86_64
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License LGPLv2+ and GPLv2 and Public Domain
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Anthy Unicode is another Anthy project and provides the library to input
Japanese on the applications, such as X applications and emacs. and the
user dictionaries and the users information which is used for the conversion,
is stored into their own home directory. So Anthy Unicode is secure than
other conversion server.


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anthy-unicode- x86_64 Fedora Official
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Install Howto

Install anthy-unicode rpm package:

# dnf install anthy-unicode




2019-10-21 - Takao Fujiwara <>
- Add %check to run local test programs
2019-10-15 - Takao Fujiwara <>
- Release anthy-unicode
2019-08-07 - Takao Fujiwara <>
- Initial package
- Update license
- Delete Group tags
- Make parse_modify_freq_command() for UTF-8
- Revert ptab.h to EUC-JP
- BuildRequire: git
- Genearate emacs- and xemacs- sub packages
- Fix some obsolete warnings in emacs batch-byte-compile
- Fix shared-lib-calls-exit
- Fix non-conffile-in-etc
- Fix description-line-too-long

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