xmlsec1-openssl - OpenSSL crypto plugin for XML Security Library

Property Value
Distribution Fedora 31
Repository Fedora x86_64
Package filename xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.27-3.fc31.x86_64.rpm
Package name xmlsec1-openssl
Package version 1.2.27
Package release 3.fc31
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Homepage http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/
License MIT
Maintainer -
Download size 93.32 KB
Installed size 287.15 KB
OpenSSL plugin for XML Security Library provides OpenSSL based crypto services
for the xmlsec library.


Package Version Architecture Repository
xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.29-1.fc31.i686.rpm 1.2.29 i686 Fedora Updates
xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.29-1.fc31.x86_64.rpm 1.2.29 x86_64 Fedora Updates
xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.27-3.fc31.i686.rpm 1.2.27 i686 Fedora
xmlsec1-openssl - - -


Name Value
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.14)(64bit) -
libcrypto.so.1.1()(64bit) -
libcrypto.so.1.1(OPENSSL_1_1_0)(64bit) -
libltdl.so.7()(64bit) -
libm.so.6()(64bit) -
libssl.so.1.1()(64bit) -
libxml2.so.2()(64bit) -
libxml2.so.2(LIBXML2_2.4.30)(64bit) -
libxml2.so.2(LIBXML2_2.6.0)(64bit) -
libxmlsec1.so.1()(64bit) -
libxslt.so.1()(64bit) -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -
xmlsec1(x86-64) = 1.2.27-3.fc31


Name Value
libxmlsec1-openssl.so.1()(64bit) -
xmlsec1-openssl = 1.2.27-3.fc31
xmlsec1-openssl(x86-64) = 1.2.27-3.fc31


Type URL
Mirror download-ib01.fedoraproject.org
Binary Package xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.27-3.fc31.x86_64.rpm
Source Package xmlsec1-1.2.27-3.fc31.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install xmlsec1-openssl rpm package:

# dnf install xmlsec1-openssl




2019-07-27 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.27-3
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_31_Mass_Rebuild
2019-02-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.27-2
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_30_Mass_Rebuild
2018-10-23 - Simo Sorce <simo@redhat.com> - 1.2.27-1
- New upstream release
2018-07-14 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.25-5
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_29_Mass_Rebuild
2018-04-12 - John Dennis <jdennis@redhat.com> - 1.2.25-4
- Resolves: rhbz#1566748
xmlSecOpenSSLX509DataNodeRead fails to return error
2018-02-09 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.25-3
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_28_Mass_Rebuild
2018-01-31 - Igor Gnatenko <ignatenkobrain@fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.25-2
- Switch to %ldconfig_scriptlets
2017-11-08 - Igor Gnatenko <ignatenkobrain@fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.25-1
- Update to 1.2.25
2017-08-03 - Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.23-4
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Binutils_Mass_Rebuild

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