soletta - A framework for making IoT devices

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Soletta project is a framework for making IoT devices. With Soletta
library developers can easily write software for devices that control
actuators/sensors and communicate using standard technologies. It
enables adding smartness even on the smallest edge devices.


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Install Howto

Install soletta rpm package:

# dnf install soletta




2016-08-03 - Gustavo Lima Chaves <> - 1-1
- mavlink support added
- many IIO node types added
- Some fixes on I/O implementations
- Improvement on sockets API
- Light sensor category added to Linux IIO
- Added support to STTS751 temperature sensor
- LWM2M protocol support added
- Increased amount of node types supported by GTK (simulation)
- Reduced memory consumption by CoAP - LWM2M samples are running fine on RIOT
- Single node support - so it’s possible to have a single node without
an associated flow. Useful when you need to access a component, send
packets to its input ports manually and be notified when it’s
sending packets on its output ports.
- Fixes on HTTP implementation regarding IPv6
- RGB and direction-vector persistence nodes created
- Added support for secure OIC connections using pre shared certs
- Added web inspector to sol-fbp-runner
- Added API to server side events on http-server with samples. It was
supported on http-client as well.
- Provide node types for a lot of OIC resources data models
- Make OIC device IDs and resource structure compatible with IoTivity 1.1 RC3
- Add simple JSON types as HTTP node types
- LWM2M bootstrap interface implemented
- Connections management support (sol-netctl)
- Introduced sol-bluetooth and sol-gatt API
- Support to node type aliases
- A couple tools were created to help debugging I/O (sol-aio and sol-gpio)
- Node types related to robotics were added
2015-12-02 - Gustavo Lima Chaves <> - 0.0.1.beta13-1
- New nodes were added -- http-client/request, http-client/get-json,
http-client/create-url, oauth/v1, json/create-array-path,
json/create-object-path, power-supply/get-list,
power-supply/get-capacity, power-supply/get-info, mqtt/client,
update/check, update/fetch, update/install.
- HTTP server node was removed from the package on Fedora 23, since it
demands a much newer version of libmicrohttpd than Fedora provides
(and will ever provide at least on Fedora 23, since systemd also
depends on it and newer versions change the soname).
- A new packet types was added -- HTTP response.
- Board pins can now be addressed by a string label, if backed-up by
their pin-mux modules.
- The form family of nodes got a handful of other nodes included:
form/int, form/int-custom, form/string.
- OIC client nodes got a new SCAN port, meant to request scanning of
all servers matching the client interface. A new DEVICE_ID output
port was also added, that will dispatch the found IDs in that
scanning request.
- The platform modules got a new mount points manipulation API, as
well as a uevent listening one (for Linux).
- An API exposing power supply properties was added to Soletta.
- An API dealing with certificates was added to Soletta.
- MQTT in Soletta got TLS connections support.
- JavaScript code on FBP files now recognize all Soletta package
- A new root module was added to Soletta: update. It controls how
Soletta apps will be updated.
2015-10-26 - Gustavo Lima Chaves <> - 0.0.1.beta10-1
- Bump Soletta version to 0.0.1.beta10
- Fix RPM spec to sign bundled packages tinycbor and duktape
- Fix RPM package naming
- Add new flow-module: form
- The json module got a ton of new features and nodes
- string/concatenate node now supports mulitple inputs (up to 23)
- and/or logic nodes now accept multiple (up to 32) input connections
- The int module nodes now send new output packets on input changes
- Multicast packets are now sent to all machine interfaces
- The form module got a new node: the boolean form.
2015-10-20 - Gustavo Lima Chaves <> - 0.0.1.beta8-1
- first rpm build

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